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Carbon sequestration in a temperate grassland; management and climatic controls

Soil Use and Management

Based on: Jones S.K., Rees R.M., Kosmas D., Ball B.C. & Skiba U.M. (2006)

Clay and biochar amendments decreased inorganic but not dissolved organic nitrogen leaching in soil

Soil Research

Based on: Dempster D.N., Jones D.L. & Murphy D.V. (2012)

Co-incorporation of biodegradable wastes with crop residues to reduce nitrate pollution of groundwater and decrease waste disposal to landfill

Soil Use and Management

Based on: Rahn C.R., Bending G.D., Lillywhite R.D. & Turner M.K. (2009)

Compost can successfully replace mineral fertilizers in the nutrient management of commercial peach orchard

Soil Use and Management

Based on: Baldi E., Toselli M., Marcolini G., Quartieri M., Cirillo E., Innocenti a. & Marangoni B. (2010)

Control of erosion in a mature orchard

Soil Use and Management

Based on: Hipps N.a., Hazelden J. & Fairall G.B.N. (1990)

Crop residue management effects on organic matter in paddy soils — The lignin component


Based on: Bierke A., Kaiser K. & Guggenberger G. (2008)

Crop rotation and residue management effects on carbon sequestration, nitrogen cycling and productivity of irrigated rice systems

Plant and Soil

Based on: Witt C., Cassman K.G., Olk D.C., Biker U., Liboon S.P., Samson M.I. & Ottow J.C.G. (2000)

Diversification of rice-based cropping systems to improve soil fertility, sustainable productivity and economics

The Journal of Animal & Plant Sciences

Based on: Ali R.I., Awan T.H., Ahmad M., Saleem M.U. & Akhtar M. (2012)

Effects of grass vegetation strips on soil conservation and crop yield under rainfed conditions in the Indian sub-Himalayas

Soil Use and Management

Based on: Ghosh B.N., Dogra P., Bhattacharyya R., Sharma N.K. & Dadhwal K.S. (2012)

Fate of nitrogen in cattle slurry following surface application or injection to grassland

Journal of Soil Science

Based on: Thompson R.B., Ryden J.C. & Lockyer D.R. (1987)

Impact of long-term application of fertilizer, manure and lime under intensive cropping on physical properties and organic carbon content of an Alfisol


Based on: Hati K.M., Swarup A., Mishra B., Manna M.C., Wanjari R.H., Mandal K.G. & Misra A.K. (2008)

Impact of pig slurry on soil properties, water salinization, nitrate leaching and crop yield in a four-year experiment in Central Spain

Soil Use and Management

Based on: Díez J.A., Hernaiz P., Muñoz M.J., de la Torre A. & Vallejo A. (2004)

Implications of cereal-based crop rotations, nitrogen fertilization, and stubble grazing on soil organic matter in a Mediterranean-type environment

Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Based on: Ryan J., Masri S., İbriҫi H., Singh M., Pala M. & Harris H.C. (2008)

Influence of tillage practices and nutrient management on crack parameters in a Vertisol of central India

Soil and Tillage Research

Based on: Bandyopadhyay K.K, Mohanty M, Painuli D.K, Misra A.K, Hati K.M, Mandal K.G, Ghosh P.K, Chaudhary R.S & Acharya C.L (2003)

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