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Individual study: Control of erosion in a mature orchard

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Hipps N.a., Hazelden J. & Fairall G.B.N. (1990) Control of erosion in a mature orchard. Soil Use and Management, 6, 32-35

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Add mulch to crops Soil Fertility

A randomized, replicated experiment in 1986 on sandy loam in East Malling, UK (Hipps et al. 1990) found that straw mulch reduced soil erosion by 85% in the alleys between trees, compared to the bare ground treatment (average of 0.45 t/ha lost). Erosion was highest between trees where soil had been compacted by traffic. There were two treatments in a 144 x 18 m mature apple Malus domestica orchard: bare soil mulched with 6 t/ha of straw and bare soil treated with 2.4 kg/ha simazine herbicide applied in spring. Each of the eight treatment plots was 36 x 9 m, replicated four times. Two troughs set into the soil downslope of all the plots measured soil loss.