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Does culling of predatory gulls enhance the productivity of breeding common terns?

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Guillemette M. & Brousseau P. (2001)

A control taste aversion experiment on predators of roseate tern (Sterna dougallii) eggs

European Journal of Wildlife Research

Based on: Neves V.C., Panagiotakopoulos S. & Furness R.W. (2006)

Management efforts for the conservation of common tern Sterna hirundo colonies in the Great Lakes: two case histories

Biological Conservation

Based on: Morris R.D., Blokpoel H. & Tessier G.D. (1992)

Aversive conditioning to reduce raven predation on California least tern eggs

Colonial Waterbirds

Based on: Avery M.L., Pavelka M.A., Bergman D.L., Decker D.G., Knittle C.E. & Linz G.M. (1995)

Successful restoration of the Ice Island common tern colony requires on-going control of ring-billed gulls

Colonial Waterbirds

Based on: Blokpoel H., Tessier G.D. & Andress R.A. (1997)

Caspian terns (Sterna caspia) breed successfully on a nesting raft

Colonial Waterbirds

Based on: Lampman K., Taylor M. & Blokpoel H. (1996)

Preventing fox predation at a least tern colony with an electric fence

Journal of Field Ornithology

Based on: Minsky D. (1980)

Nesting rafts as a management tool for a declining common tern (Sterna hirundo) colony

Colonial Waterbirds

Based on: Dunlop C.L., Blokpoel H. & Jarvie S. (1991)

Survival of least tern chicks hatched on gravel-covered roofs in north Texas


Based on: Butcher J.A., Neill R.L. & Boylan J.T. (2007)

Impacts of vegetative manipulations on common tern nest success at Lime Island, Michigan

Journal of Field Ornithology

Based on: Cook-Haley B.S. & Millenbah K.F. (2002)

An experimental study of nest site selection in common terns

Journal of Field Ornithology

Based on: Richards M.H. & Morris R.D. (1984)

Use of fencing to limit terrestrial predator movements into least tern colonies

Colonial Waterbirds

Based on: Rimmer D.W. & Deblinger R.D. (1992)

Shelters decrease gull predation on chicks at a common tern colony

Journal of Field Ornithology

Based on: Burness G.P & Morris R.D. (1992)

Attracting endangered species to 'safe' habitats: responses of fairy terns to decoys

Animal Conservation

Based on: Jeffries D.S. & Brunton D.H. (2001)

Attraction of little terns to artificial roof-top breeding sites and their breeding success


Based on: Hayashi E., Hayakawa M., Satou T. & Masuda N. (2002)

Signage reduces the impact of human disturbance on little tern nesting success in Portugal

Biological Conservation

Based on: Medeiros R., Ramos J.A., Paiva V.H., Almeida A., Pedro P. & Antunes S. (2007)

Methods used to improve least tern and snowy plover nesting success on alkaline flats

Journal of Field Ornithology

Based on: Koenen M.T., Utych R.B. & Leslie D.M. Jr. (1996)

Electric fencing to protect sandwich terns against foxes

Biological Conservation

Based on: Forster J.A. (1975)

Effect of floating nest platforms on the breeding performance of black terns

Journal of Field Ornithology

Based on: Shealer D., Buzzell J. & Heiar J. (2006)

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