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Individual study: Effectiveness of decoys at attracting least terns Sterna antillarum back to two former nesting sites near Island Beach, New Jersey, USA

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Kotliar N.B. & Burger J. (1984) The use of decoys to attract least terns (Sterna antillarum) to abandoned colony sites in New Jersey. Colonial Waterbirds, 7, 134-138

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Use decoys to attract birds to safe areas Bird Conservation

A controlled study in New Jersey, USA (Kotliar & Burger 1984), found that at one sand and shell island, 81% of 821 least tern Sterna antillarum landings between 19th and 25th May 1983 were in a 100 m2 plot with tern decoys and only 19% in a control plot (without decoys). The first three nests established on the island were within 3 m of a decoy and none of the first 28 nests was in the control plot. At another sand and shell beach, there were only 12 landings in the two study plots between 20th May and 6th June. No terns attempted to nest at the site.