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Gorse Ulex europaeus coppicing at Blackhill, Dorset, England

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Liley D. (2005)

Regeneration in Heracleum mantegazzianum - response to removal of vegetative and generative parts


Based on: Pysek P., Kucera T., Puntieri J. & Mandak B. (1995)

Providing artificial nest platforms for Cabot's tragopan Tragopan caboti (Aves: Galliformes): a useful conservation tool?


Based on: Deng W.-H., Zheng G.-M., Zhang Z.W., Garson P.J. & McGowan P.J.K. (2005)

Creating hibernacula for common lizards Lacerta vivipara, The Ham, Lowestoft, Suffolk, England

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Showler D.A., Aldus N. & Parmenter J. (2005)

Living heritage: growing native plants in Nelson, NZ

Dept. of Conservation, Nelson/Marlborough Conservancy; Nelson City Council. ISBN: 0478224370

Based on: (2003)

Chatham Islands threatened birds: recovery and management plans

Department of Conservation. Threatened Species Recovery Plan: New Zealand shore plover

Based on: Aikman H., Davis A., Miskelly C.M., O'Connor S. & Taylor G.A. (2001)

Raising the prospects for a forgotten fauna: a review of 10 years of conservation effort for New Zealand reptiles

Biological Conservation

Based on: Towns D., Dougherty C. & Cree A. (2001)

Recovery plans for Powelliphanta

Land Snails 2003-2013

Based on: Walker K. (2003)

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