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Effects of agri-environment management for cirl buntings on other biodiversity

Biodiversity and Conservation

Based on: MacDonald M.A., Cobbold G., Mathews F., Denny M.J.H., Walker L.K., Grice P.V. & Anderson G.Q.A. (2012)

Effects of agri-environment schemes in a long-term ecological time series

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Taylor M.E. & Morecroft M.D. (2009)

Effects of agri-environment schemes on plant diversity in Bavarian grasslands

Community Ecology

Based on: Mayer F., Heinz S. & Kuhn G. (2008)

Effects of agri-environmental measures, site and landscape conditions on butterfly diversity of Swiss grassland

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Aviron S., Jeanneret P., Schupbach B. & Schüpbach B. (2007)

Effects of agricultural management on nematode-mite assemblages: soil food web indices as predictors of mite community composition

Applied Soil Ecology

Based on: Sanchez-Moreno S., Nicola N.L., Ferris H. & Zalom F.G. (2009)

Effects of an agri-environment scheme on farmland biodiversity in Ireland

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Feehan J., Gillmor D. & Culleton N. (2005)

Effects of an herbivore-induced plant volatile on arthropods from three trophic levels in brassicas

Biological Control

Based on: Orre G.U.S., Wratten S.D., Jonsson M. & Hale R.J. (2010)

Effects of an intense prescribed fire on understory vegetation in a mixed conifer forest 1

The Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society

Based on: Huisinga K.D., Laughlin D.C., Fulé P.Z., Springer J.D. & McGlone C.M. (2005)

Effects of artificial lights and moonlight on petrels at St Kilda

Bird Study

Based on: Miles W., Money S., Luxmoore R. & Furness R.W. (2010)

Effects of artificial liming on land snail populations

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Gardenfors U. (1992)

Effects of artificial roosts for frugivorous bats on seed dispersal in a Neotropical forest pasture mosaic

Conservation Biology

Based on: Kelm D.H., Wiesner K.R. & Helversen O.v. (2008)

Effects of Artificial Sand Fixing on Community Characteristics of a Rare Desert Shrub

Based on: Liu H., Tao Y.E., Qiu D., Zhang D. & Zhang Y. (2013)

Effects of Artificial Sand Fixing on Community Characteristics of a Rare Desert Shrub

Conservation Biology

Based on: Liu H., Tao Y.E., Qiu D., Zhang D. & Zhang Y. (2013)

Effects of Bird Blowfly Parasitism on Eastern Bluebird and Tree Swallow Nestlings

The Wilson Bulletin

Based on: Roby D.D., Brink K.L. & Wittmann K. (1992)

Effects of bison grazing, fire, and topography on floristic diversity in tallgrass prairie

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Hartnett D.C., Hickman K.R. & Fischer Walter L.E. (1996)

Effects of brodifacoum on the land crab of Ascension Island

Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Pain D.J., Brooke M. de L., Finnie J.K. & Jackson A. (2000)

Effects of brood parasitism and nest-box placement on wood duck breeding ecology

The Condor

Based on: Semel B., Sherman P.W. & Byers S.M. (1988)

Effects of Burning and Grazing on a Coastal California Grassland

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Hatch D.A., Bartolome J.W., Fehmi J.S. & Hillyard D.S. (1999)

Effects of burning on germinability of Lehmann lovegrass

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Ruyle G.B. & Cox J.R. (1988)

Effects of burning season and frequency on saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) flowering and fruiting

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Carrington M.E. & Mullahey J.J. (2006)

Effects of cattle grazing on blue oak seedling damage and survival

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Hall L.M., George M.R., McCreary D.D. & Adams T.E. (1992)

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