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Individual study: Use of Conservation Reserve Program habitats by breeding birds in North Dakota, USA

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Johnson D.H. & Igl L.D. (1995) Contributions of the Conservation Reserve Program to populations of breeding birds in North Dakota. Wilson Bulletin, 107, 709-718

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Restore or create grasslands Bird Conservation

A replicated, controlled study in the summers of 1992-1993 in North Dakota, USA (Johnson & Igl 2005), found that the 11 of 18 bird species recorded occurred at higher densities in CRP fields, compared to non-CRP fields. CRP fields only covered 7% of land in North Dakota but supported a disproportionate amount of the total state populations of sedge wren Cistothorus platensis (27%), savannah sparrow (23%), grasshopper sparrow (22%), bobolink Dolichonyx oryzivorus (19%) and lark bunting Calamospiza melanocorys (18%).