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Culture and conservation: strategies for reversing population declines in seabirds

Endangered Species Update

Based on: Blanchard K.A. & Monroe M.C. (1990)

Cumulative and residual effects of swine slurry and mineral nitrogen in irrigated maize

Agronomy Journal

Based on: Yagüe M. R. & Quílez D. (2010)

Cumulative effects of clipping on yield of bluebunch wheatgrass

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Wilson A.M., Harris G.A. & Gates D.H. (1966)

Cuterebra infestations in small-mammal communities as influenced by herbicides and fire

Based on: Boggs J.F., Lochmiller R.L., McMurry S.T., Leslie-Jr D.M. & Engle D.M. (1991)

Cutting and Fertilizing Grassland for Winter Goose Management

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Owen M. (1975)

Cutting the carnage: wildlife usage of road culverts in north-eastern New South Wales

Wildlife Research

Based on: Taylor B.D. & Goldingay R.L. (2003)

Damage to coppice regrowth by muntjac deer Muntiacus reevesi and protection with electric fencing

Biological Conservation

Based on: Cooke A.S. & Lakhani K.H. (1996)

Dead or alive? Comparing costs and benefits of lethal and non-lethal human-wildlife conflict mitigation on livestock farms


Based on: McManus J.S., Dickman A.J., Gaynor D., Smuts B.H. & Macdonald B.W. (2015)

Dead trees left in clear-cuts benefit saproxylic Coleoptera adapted to natural disturbances in boreal forest

Biodiversity and Conservation

Based on: Kaila L., Martikainen P. & Punttila P. (1997)

Deadwood fencing used to protect broadleaved trees from deer browsing in the Cairngorms, Scotland

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Bradfer-Lawrence T. & Rao S. (2012)

Decline and flounder of a Sussex common toad (Bufo bufo) population

Herpetological Bulletin

Based on: Beebee T. (2012)

Declining biodiversity in agricultural landscapes and the effectiveness of agri-environment schemes


Based on: Berendse F., Chamberlain D., Kleijn D. & Schekkerman H. (2004)

Decreasing phosphorus discharge in fish farm ponds by treating the sludge generated with sludge drying beds


Based on: Puigagut J., Angles H., Chazarenc F. & Comeau Y. (2011)

Deer guards and bump gates for excluding white-tailed deer from fenced resources

Human Wildlife Interactions

Based on: VerCauteren K.C., Seward N.W., Lavelle M.J., Fischer J.W. & Phillips G.E. (2009)

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