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Individual study: Limited evidence for released captive-bred barn owls Tyto alba breeding in a riverine marsh site in Missouri, USA

Published source details

Henke R. & Crawford W. (1987) Common barn-owls from captive propagation found nesting in the wild. Journal of Raptor Research, 21, 74

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Release captive-bred individuals into the wild to restore or augment wild populations of owls Bird Conservation

A study in 1985 and 1986 (Henke & Crawford 1987) found three barn owl Tyto alba nests each year in a riverine marsh site in Missouri, USA, with at least 11 eggs being laid and a minimum of seven chicks fledging (complete data are not included). The site was the location of a reintroduction programme in 1983-5 which released 157 owls, and at least two and probably more of the parents at the nests found were captive-bred.