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Responses of grassland invertebrates to management by cutting: II. Heteroptera

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Morris M.G. (1979)

Responses of chaparral and oak woodland plant communities to fuel-reduction thinning in southwestern Oregon

Rangeland Ecology & Management

Based on: Perchemlides K.A., Muir P.S. & Hosten P.E. (2008)

Responses of captive fish crows to eggs treated with chemical repellents

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Avery M.L. & Decker D.G. (1994)

Responses of butterfly and moth species to restored cattle grazing in semi-natural grasslands

Biological Conservation

Based on: Poyry J., Lindgren S., Salminen J. & Kuussaari M. (2005)

Responses of breeding birds in tallgrass prairie to fire and cattle grazing

Journal of Field Ornithology

Based on: Powell A.F.L.A. (2008)

Responses of birds, rodents, and vegetation to livestock exclosure in a semidesert grassland site

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Bock C.E., Bock J.H., Kenney W.R. & Hawthorne V.M. (1984)

Responses of aphids to a silvoarable agroforestry landscape

Agroforestry Forum

Based on: Naeem M., Compton S.G., Incoll L.D., Wright C. & Corry D.T. (1997)

Responses of Ambystoma gracile to the removal of introduced non-native fish from a mountain lake

Journal of Herpetology

Based on: Hoffman R.L., Larson G.L. & Samora B. (2004)

Responses of a remnant California native bunchgrass population to grazing, burning and climatic variation

Plant Ecology

Based on: Marty J.T., Collinge S.K. & Rice K.J. (2005)

Responses of a pond-breeding amphibian community to the experimental removal of predatory fish

American Midland Naturalist

Based on: Walston L.J. & Mullin S.J. (2007)

Responses of a bird assemblage to manual shrub removal in a Chacoan subtropical semiarid forest, Argentina

Ornitologê Neotropical

Based on: Codesido M., Drozd A.A., Gado P.A. & Bilenca D. (2009)

Responses of 20 native tree species to reforestation strategies for abandoned farmland in Panama

Ecological Applications

Based on: Hooper E., Condit R. & Legendre P. (2002)

Response to selection for resistance against infectious pancreatic necrosis in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)


Based on: Storset A., Strand C., Wetten M., Kjøglum S. & Ramstad A. (2007)

Response of winter birds to drought and short-duration grazing in southeastern Arizona

Conservation Biology

Based on: Bock C.E. & Bock J.H. (1999)

Response of western North Dakota mixed prairie to intensive clipping and five stages of development

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Holderman C.A. & Goetz H. (1981)

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