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Augmenting small populations of plovers: an assessment of cross-fostering and captive-rearing

Conservation Biology

Based on: Powell A.N. & Cuthbert F.J. (1993)

Autumn-sowing of cereals reduces breeding bird numbers in a heterogeneous agricultural landscape

Biological Conservation

Based on: Eggers S., Unell M. & Part T. (2011)

Availability of foods of sage grouse chicks following prescribed fire in sagebrush-bitterbrush

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Pyle W.H. & Crawford J.A. (1996)

Aversive conditioning to reduce raven predation on California least tern eggs

Colonial Waterbirds

Based on: Avery M.L., Pavelka M.A., Bergman D.L., Decker D.G., Knittle C.E. & Linz G.M. (1995)

Avian and mammalian translocations: update and reanalysis of 1987 survey data

Conservation Biology

Based on: Wolf C., Griffith B., Reed C. & Temple S.A. (1996)

Avian Behavior and Mortality at Power Lines in Coastal South Carolina

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Savereno A.J., Savereno L.A., Boettcher R. & Haig S.M. (1996)

Avian Collisions with Power Lines: A Global Review of Causes and Mitigation with a South African Perspective

Bird Conservation International

Based on: Jenkins A., Smallie J. & Diamond M. (2010)

Avian communities of created and natural wetlands: bottomland forests in Virginia

The Condor

Based on: Snell-Rood E.C. & Cristol D.A. (2003)

Avian community response to fire and mechanical shrub control in south Florida

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Fitzgerald S.M. & Tanner G.W. (1992)

Avian community response to southern pine ecosystem restoration for red-cockaded woodpeckers

Wilson Bulletin

Based on: Conner R.N., Shackelford C.E., Schaefer R.R., Saenz D. & Rudolph D.C. (2002)

Avian habitat selection and prairie wetland dynamics: a 10-year experiment

Ecological Applications

Based on: Murkin H.R., Murkin E.J. & Ball J.P. (1997)

Avian nest survival in coastal forested buffer strips on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska

The Condor

Based on: Sperry D.M., Kissling M. & George T.L. (2008)

Avian nesting success in a selectively harvested north temperate deciduous forest

Conservation Biology

Based on: Robinson S.K. & Robinson W.D. (2001)

Avian response to bottomland hardwood reforestation: the first 10 years

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Twedt D.J., Wilson R.R., Henne-Kerr J.L. & Grosshuesch D.A. (2002)

Avian response to nest box addition in two forests of the Colorado Front Range

Journal of Field Ornithology

Based on: Bock C.E. & Fleck D.C. (1995)

Avian responses to late-season grazing in a shrub-willow floodplain

Conservation Biology

Based on: Stanley T.R. & Knopf F.L. (2002)

Avian Responses to Restoration: Nest-Site Selection and Reproductive Success in Song Sparrows

The Auk

Based on: Larison B., Laymon S.A., Williams P. & Smith T.B. (2001)

Avian use and vegetation characteristics of Conservation Reserve Program fields

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Delisle J.M. & Savidge J.A. (1997)

Avian utilisation of a tidally restored salt hay farm

Biological Conservation

Based on: Slavin P. & Shisler J.K. (1983)

Avifaunal changes as a consequence of large-scale livestock exclusion in the mountains of Central Argentina

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Garcia C., Renison D., Cingolani A.M. & Fernandez-Juricic E. (2008)

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