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Individual study: Successful adoption of an orphaned piping plover Charadrius melodus chick by a foster family at West Haven, Connecticut, USA

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Midura A.M., Beyer S.M. & Kilpatrick H.J. (1991) An observation of human-induced adoption in piping plovers. Journal of Field Ornithology, 62, 429-431

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Foster eggs or chicks of waders with wild conspecifics Bird Conservation

A small trial on a beach in Connecticut, USA, in May 1990 (Midura et al. 1992) successfully introduced an orphaned piping plover Charadrius melodus chick into a foster family with four similarly-aged chicks. No aggressive behaviour was observed towards the foster chicks and all five young were seen flying in July. The chick was originally released within 11 m of the foster family when it was one day old.