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Individual study: An update from Andasibe, Madagascar

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Edmonds D. & Claude J. (2012) An update from Andasibe, Madagascar. Amphibian Ark Newsletter, 19, 8

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Captive breeding frogs Amphibian Conservation

A replicated study in 2011–2012 of captive frogs in Andasibe, Madagascar (Edmonds & Claude 2012) found that two of eight local species bred in the first year of captivity. Both Boophis pyrrhus and Mantidactylus betsileanus bred in captivity in 2012. Tadpoles and frogs were raised in captivity to determine the optimal husbandry requirements for these species so that they could be applied to maintaining threatened similar species in the future. In April 2011, eight local frog species were housed in a newly constructed biosecure captive breeding facility.