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Amphibian colonization and use of ponds created for trial mitigation of wetland loss


Based on: Pechmann J.H.K., Estes R.A., Scott D.E. & Gibbons J.W. (2001)

Amphibian conservation in Britain


Based on: Wilkinson J.W. & Buckley J. (2012)

Amphibian habitat preferences among artificial ponds in the Palouse Region of Northern Idaho

Journal of Herpetology

Based on: Monello R.J. & Wright R.G. (1999)

Amphibian mitigation measures on Hungarian roads: design, efficiency, problems and possible improvement, need for a co-ordinated European environmental education strategy

International Conference on Habitat Fragmentation due to Transportation Infrastructure

Based on: Puky M. & Vogel Z. (2003)

Amphibian rescue and conservation project - Panama


Based on: Gratwicke B (2012)

Amphibian use of Chehalis River floodplain wetlands

Northwestern Naturalist

Based on: Henning J.A. & Schirato G. (2006)

Amphibian use of man-made pools on clear-cuts in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia, USA

Applied Herpetology

Based on: Barry D.S., Pauley T.K. & Maerz J.C. (2008)

Amphibians in drains project report summary

Biodiversity News

Based on: Muir D. (2012)

Amphibians in pine stands managed with growing-season and dormant-season prescribed fire

Journal of the Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society

Based on: Miller K.V., Chapman B.R. & Ellington K.K. (2001)

Amphibians: review of zoo breeding programmes

International Zoo Yearbook

Based on: Maruska E.J. (1986)

Amphibians: suitable candidates for breeding-release programmes

Biodiversity and Conservation

Based on: Bloxam Q.M.C. & Tonge S.J. (1995)

An account of successful captive reproduction of Bombina bombina, the European fire-bellied toad

British Herpetological Society Bulletin

Based on: Wilkinson J.W. (1994)

An account of the attempted control of an introduced marine alga, Sargassum muticum, in Southern England

Biological Conservation

Based on: Critchley A.T., Farnham W.F. & Morrell S.L. (1986)

An adjustable action threshold using larval parasitism of Helicoverpa armigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in IPM for processing tomatoes

Biological Control

Based on: Walker G.P., Herman T.J.B., Kale A.J. & Wallace A.R. (2010)

An artificial nest box for burrow-nesting seabirds


Based on: Priddel D. & Carlile N. (1995)

An artificial nest site for arctic nesting common eiders

Journal of Field Ornithology

Based on: Divoky G.J. & Suydam R. (1995)

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