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Individual study: Four of 17 bird species showed a significant positive association with one-year-old set-aside fields in Sweden

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Berg A. & Part T. (1994) Abundance of breeding farmland birds on arable and set-aside fields at forest edges. Ecography, 17, 147-152

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Provide or retain set-aside areas in farmland Farmland Conservation

A replicated site comparison study of 24 one-year-old set-aside fields and 24 cereal fields in Uppland, central Sweden (Berg & Part 1994) found that four of 17 bird species sampled showed a significant positive association with set-aside fields: skylark Alauda arvensis, whinchat Saxicola rubetra, whitethroat Sylvia communis and linnet Carduelis cannabina. Other species showed greater association with unfarmed habitats, roads and houses, forest edges or open habitat.  The study plots were of similar size, edge and habitat structure. Each was sampled seven times for 28 species of breeding bird from April-June 1992.  Species with at least 10 territories were examined.