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Behavioral responses of bobcats and coyotes to habitat fragmentation and corridors in an urban environment

Biological Conservation

Based on: Tigas L.A., Van Vuren D.H. & Sauvajot R.M. (2002)

Chemical control of Australian swamp stonecrop (New Zealand Pygmy Weed) Crassula helmsii

The National Trust Conservation Newsletter

Based on: (2004)

Marking of deer fences to reduce frequency of collisions by woodland grouse

Biological Conservation

Based on: Baines D. & Andrew M. (2003)

Restoration of drained peatlands in southern Finland: initial effects on vegetation change and CO2 balance

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Komulainen V., Tuittila E., Vasander H. & Laine J. (1999)

The control of coypus (Myocastor coypus Molina) by cage trapping

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Norris J.D. (1967)

Long-term trends in lobster populations in a partially protected vs. no-take marine park

Biological Conservation

Based on: Shears N.T., Grace R.V., Usmar N.R., Kerr V. & Babcock R.C. (2006)

The effectiveness of attempts to reduce predation by fish-eating birds: a review

Biological Conservation

Based on: Draulans D. (1987)

Soil quality response of reestablished grasslands to mowing and burning

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Schacht W.H., Stubbendieck J., Bragg T.B., Smart A.J. & Doran J.W. (1996)

Restoration of native perennials in a California annual grassland after prescribed spring burning and solarization

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Moyes A.B., Witter M.S. & Gamon J.A. (2005)

Effects of sown weed strips in winter wheat on the abundance of cereal aphids and spiders

Mitteilungen Der Deutschen Gesellschaft Fur Allgemeine Und Agewandte Entomologie

Based on: Lemke A. & Poehling H.M. (1997)

Reaction of the spider coenoesis on different kinds of rotational set aside in agricultural fields

Mitteilungen Der Deutschen Gesellschaft Fuer Allgemeine Und Angewandte Entomologie

Based on: Weiss B. & Buchs W. (1997)

The use of decoys as a research tool for attracting wading birds

Journal of Field Ornithology

Based on: Crozier G.E. & Gawlik D.E. (2003)

Some considerations for future raptor rehabilitation

Raptor Research

Based on: Olsen J. & Olsen P. (1980)

Biological control

Insect pest management

Based on: Dent D. (2000)

A recovery program for the natterjack toad (Bufo calamita) in Britain

Conservation Biology

Based on: Denton J.S., Hitchings S.P., Beebee T.J.C. & Gent A. (1997)

Results of a habitat restoration study on retired agricultural lands in the San Joaquin Valley, California

Land Retirement Demonstration Project five year report

Based on: Uptain C.E., Garcia K.R., Ritter N.P., Basso G., Newman D.P. & Hurlbert S.H. (2005)

Diversity and abundance of bats (Chiroptera) found in bat boxes in east Lithuania

Acta Zoologica Lituanica

Based on: Baranauskas K. (2010)

A Grass Foraging Device for Captive Chimpanzees (Pan Troglodytes)

Animal Welfare

Based on: Lambeth S.P. & Bloomsmith M.A. (1994)

Winter Cover Crop Growth and Weed Suppression on the Central Coast of California

Weed Technology

Based on: Brennan E.B. & Smith R.F. (2005)

Greenhouse response of six aquatic invasive weeds to imazamox

Journal of Aquatic Plant Management

Based on: Emerine S.E., Richardson R., True S., West A. & Roten R. (2010)

Restoration ecology: aiding and abetting secondary succession on abandoned peat mines in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Canada

Mires and Peat

Based on: Vander Kloet S.P., Avery T.S., Vander Kloet P.J. & Milton G.R. (2012)

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