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Results from a 21 year old field trial. Organic farming enhances soil fertility and biodiversity

FiBL Dossier

Based on: Fliessbach A., Mäder P., Dubois D. & Gunst L. (2000)

Restoring the vegetation of mined peatlands in the southern Rocky Mountains of Colorado, USA

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Cooper D.J. & MacDonald L.H. (2000)

Restoring tallgrass prairie species mixtures on leafy spurge-infested rangeland

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Masters R.A., Beran D.D. & Gaussoin R.E. (2001)

Restoring species-rich grassland at New Grove Meadows, Monmouthshire, Wales, UK

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Winder J.S. (2013)

Restoring savanna using fire: Impact on the breeding bird community

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Davis M.A., Peterson D.W., Reich P.B., Crozier M., Query T., Mitchell E., Huntington J. & Bazakas P. (2000)

Restoring river otters in Indiana

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Johnson S.A. & Berkley K.A. (1999)

Restoring ponds for amphibians: a success story


Based on: Rannap R., Lõhmus A. & Briggs L. (2009)

Restoring plant species diversity and community composition in a ponderosa pine-bunchgrass ecosystem

Plant Ecology

Based on: Laughlin D.C., Bakker J.D., Daniels M.L., Moore M.M., Casey C.A. & Springer J.D. (2008)

Restoring plant cover on high-elevation gravel areas, Sequoia National Park, California

Biological Conservation

Based on: Ratliff R.D. & Westfall S.E. (1992)

Restoring Native Perennial Grasses by Changing Grazing Practices in Central Coastal California

Ecological Restoration

Based on: Henneman C., Seavy N.E. & Gardali T. (2014)

Restoring native fish assemblages to a regulated California stream using the natural flow regime concept

Ecological Applications

Based on: Kiernan J.D., Moyle P.B. & Crain P.K. (2012)

Restoring lions Panthera leo, to northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: short-term biological and technical success but equivocal long-term conservation


Based on: Hunter L.T.B., Pretorius K., Carlisle L. C., Rickelton M., Walker C., Slotow R. & Skinner J.D. (2007)

Restoring heathland by conifer plantation removal at The Lodge RSPB Reserve, Bedfordshire, England

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Wilton-Jones G. & Ausden M. (2005)

Restoring grassland biodiversity: Sowing low-diversity seed mixtures can lead to rapid favourable changes

Biological Conservation

Based on: Török P., Deák B., Vida E., Valkó O., Lengyel S. & Tóthmérész B. (2010)

Restoring forbs for sage grouse habitat: fire, microsites, and establishment methods

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Wirth T.A. & Pyke D.A. (2003)

Restoring fire to long-unburned Pinus palustris ecosystems: novel fire effects and consequences for long-unburned ecosystems

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Varner J.M., Gordon D.R., Putz F.E. & Hiers J. K. (2005)

Restoring Eden


Based on: Brock A. (2002)

Restoring cut-over restiad peat bogs: a factorial experiment of nutrients, seed and cultivation

Ecological Engineering

Based on: Schipper L.A., Clarkson B.R., Vojvodic-Cukovic M. & Webster R. (2002)

Restoring avian island endemics: use of supplementary food by the endangered pink pigeon (Columba mayeri)


Based on: Edmunds K., Bunbury N., Sawmy S., Jones C.G. & Bell D.J. (2008)

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