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Establishing a new wild population of tuatara (Sphenodon guntheri)

Conservation Biology

Based on: Nelson J. N., Keall S. N., Brown D. & Daugherty C. H. (2002)

Eradicating introduced mammals from a forested tropical island

Biological Conservation

Based on: Rodríguez C., Torres R. & Drummond H. (2006)

Post-fire vegetation change and bird use of a salt marsh in coastal Argentina


Based on: Isacch J.P., Holz S., Ricci L. & Martinez M.M. (2004)

A practical technique for non-destructive monitoring of soil surface invertebrates for ecological restoration programmes

Ecological Management and Restoration

Based on: Bowie M.H. & Frampton C.M. (2004)

Population recovery following differential harvesting of Allium tricoccum Ait. in the southern Appalachians

Biological Conservation

Based on: Rock J.H., Beckage B. & Gross L.J. (2004)

Effectiveness of different conservation measures for loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) nests at Zakynthos Island, Greece

Biological Conservation

Based on: Kornaraki E., Matossian D.A., Mazaris A.D., Matsinos Y.G. & Margaritoulis D. (2006)

Cross-fostering in coyotes: evaluation of a potential conservation and research tool for canids

Biological Conservation

Based on: Kitchen A.M. & Knowlton F.F. (2006)

Microhabitat use by a translocated population of St. Lucia whiptail lizards (Cnemidophorus vanzoi)

Animal Conservation

Based on: Dickenson H.C., Fa J.E. & Lenton S.M. (2001)

Rat control and breeding performance in Cory's shearwater (Calonectris diomedea): effects of poisoning effort and habitat features

Animal Conservation

Based on: Igual J.M., Forero M.G., Gomez T., Orueta J.F. & Oro D. (2005)

Survival of very small macropod pouch young following short-term isolation from the pouch at various environmental temperatures

Animal Conservation

Based on: Taggart D.A., Shimmin G.E., Underwood G. & Phillips K. (2002)

Translocation as a conservation tool: site fidelity and movement of repatriated gopher tortoises (Gopherus plyphemus)

Animal Conservation

Based on: Tuberville T.D., Clark E.E., Buhlmann K.A., Gibbons J.W., , , & (2005)

The hand-rearing of an abandoned Bermuda petrel Pterodroma cahow chick from Nonsuch Island, Bermuda

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Raine A.F. & Abernethy K.E. (2006)

Cat eradication significantly decreases shearwater mortality

Animal Conservation

Based on: Keitt B.S. & Tershy B.R. (2003)

Attracting endangered species to 'safe' habitats: responses of fairy terns to decoys

Animal Conservation

Based on: Jeffries D.S. & Brunton D.H. (2001)

Improving translocation success: an experimental study of anti-stress treatment and release method for wild rabbits

Animal Conservation

Based on: Letty J., Marchandeau S., Clobert J. & Aubineau J. (2000)

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