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Use of fauna road-crossing structures in north-eastern New South Wales

Australian Mammalogy

Based on: Hayes I. & Goldingay R.L. (2009)

Reintroducing endangered Vancouver Island marmots: survival and cause-specific mortality rates of captive-born versus wild-born individuals

Biological Conservation

Based on: Aaltonen K., Bryant A.A., Hostetler J.A. & Oli M.K. (2009)

How can we effectively restore species richness and natural composition of a Molinia invaded fen?

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Hájkova P., Hájek M. & Kintrová K. (2009)

Social facilitation of exploratory foraging behavior in capuchin monkeys (Cebus apella)

American Journal of Primatology

Based on: Dindo M., Whiten A. & De Waal F. (2009)

Soil management effects on runoff, erosion and soil properties in an olive grove of Southern Spain

Soil and Tillage Research

Based on: Gómez J.A., Sobrinho T.A., Giráldez J.V. & Fereres E. (2009)

Ecological cross compliance promotes farmland biodiversity in Switzerland

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment

Based on: Aviron S., Nitsch H. & Jeanneret P. (2009)

Botanical monitoring of grasslands after the adoption of agro-environmental arrangements

Grassland Science in Europe

Based on: Holubec V. & Vymyslicky T. (2009)

Effectiveness of newly-designed electric fences in reducing crop damage by medium and large mammals

Mammal Study

Based on: Honda T., Miyagawa Y., Ueda H. & Inoue M. (2009)

Effect of long-term conservation tillage on soil biochemical properties in Mediterranean Spanish areas

Soil and Tillage Research

Based on: Madejón E., Murillo J.M., Moreno F., López M.V., Arrúe J.L., Álvaro-Fuentes J. & Cantero C. (2009)

Restoring ponds for amphibians: a success story


Based on: Rannap R., Lõhmus A. & Briggs L. (2009)

Conservation tillage: Short- and long-term effects on soil carbon fractions and enzymatic activities under Mediterranean conditions

Soil and Tillage Research

Based on: Melero S., López-Garrido R., Murillo J.M. & Moreno F. (2009)

Long-term effects of conservation tillage on organic fractions in two soils in southwest of Spain

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Melero S., López-Garrido R., Madejón E., Murillo J.M., Vanderlinden K., Ordóñez R. & Moreno F. (2009)

Fire-induced changes to the vegetation of tall-tussock (Chionochloa rigida) grassland ecosystems

Science for Conservation 290

Based on: Payton I.J. & Pearce H.G. (2009)

Distribution and diet of reintroduced otters (Lutra lutra) on the river Ticino (NW Italy)

Hystrix, the Italian Journal of Mammalogy (English, 1994-)

Based on: Prigioni C., Smiroldo G., Remonti L. & Balestrieri A. (2009)

Tillage and seasonal emissions of CO2, N2O and NO across a seed bed and at the field scale in a Mediterranean climate

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Lee J., Hopmans J.W., van K.C., King A.P., Evatt K.J., Louie D., Rolston D.E. & Six J. (2009)

Substitutes for grazing in semi-natural grasslands - do mowing or mulching represent valuable alternatives to maintain vegetation structure?

Journal of Vegetation Science

Based on: Römermann C., Bernhardt-Römermann M., Kleyer M. & Poschlod P. (2009)

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