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Bird utilisation of rehabilitated bauxite minesites in Western Australia

Biological Conservation

Based on: Nichols O.G. & Watkins D. (1984)

Bird use of three types of field margins in relation to intensive agriculture in Quebec, Canada

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Jobin B., Choiniere L. & Belanger L. (2001)

Bird use of revegetated sites along a creek connecting rainforest remnants


Based on: Freeman A.N.D., Freeman A.B. & Burchill S. (2009)

Bird use of restoration and reference marshes within the Barn Island Wildlife Management Area, Atonington, Connecticut, USA

Environmental Management

Based on: Brawley A.H., Warren R.S. & Askins R.A. (1998)

Bird use of cultivated fallow 'lapwing plots' within English agri-environment schemes

Bird Study

Based on: Chamberlain D., Gough S., Anderson G., MacDonald M., Grice P. & Vickery J. (2009)

Bird use of an experimental strip intercropping system in northeast Iowa

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Stallman H.R. & Best L.B. (1996)

Bird Use and Nesting in Conventional, Minimum-Tillage, and Organic Cropland

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Lokemoen J.T. & Beiser J.A. (1997)

Bird responses to a managed forested landscape

Wilson Journal of Ornithology

Based on: Yahner R.H. (2008)

Bird response to prescribed silvicultural treatments in bottomland hardwood forests

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Twedt D.J. & Somershoe S.G. (2009)

Bird response to clear cutting in Missouri Ozark Forests

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Wallendorf M.J., Porneluzi P.A., Gram W.K., Clawson R.L. & Faaborg J. (2007)

Bird perches increase forest seeds on Puerto Rican landslides

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Shiels A.B. & Walker L.R. (2003)

Bird Nesting in Iowa No-Tillage and Tilled Cropland

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Basore N.S., Best L.B. & Wooley J.B. (1986)

Bird Communities of Prairie Uplands and Wetlands in Relation to Farming Practices in Saskatchewan

Conservation Biology

Based on: Shutler D., Mullie A. & Clark R.G. (2000)

Bird collisions with power lines – an experiment with ptarmigan (Lagopus spp.)

Biological Conservation

Based on: Bevanger K. & Brøseth H. (2001)

Bird assemblages of protected and exploited coastal woodlands in east-central Argentina

The Wilson Bulletin

Based on: Cueto V.R. & Casenave J.L.D. (2000)

Biomanipulation in the Duinigermeer; first results

Aquatic Ecology

Based on: Van Berkum J.A., Klinge M. & Grimm M.P. (1995)

Biology and control of parrotfeather (Myriophyllum aquaticum) in Portugal

Based on: Moreira I., Monteira A. & Ferreira T. (1999)

Biology and behaviour of reintroduced gibbons

Biodiversity and Conservation

Based on: Cheyne S.M., Chivers D.J. & Sugardjito J. (2008)

Biologically significant residual persistence of brodifacoum in reptiles following invasive rodent eradication, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Rueda D., Campbell K.J., Fisher P., Cunninghame F. & Ponder J.B. (2016)

Biological sustainability of live shearing of vicuña in Peru

Conservation Biology

Based on: Sahley C.T., Vargas J.T, & Valdivia J.S. (2007)

Biological recovery from organic enrichment: some systems cope better than others

Based on: Macleod C., Moltschaniwskyj N., Crawford C. & Forbes S. (2007)

Biological habitat reconstruction

Creating new habitats in intensively used farmland

Based on: Kaule G. & Krebs S. (1989)

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