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Effects of livestock breed and grazing intensity on biodiversity and production in grazing systems. 4. Effects on animal diversity

Grass and Forage Science

Based on: Wallis De Vries M.F., Parkinson A.E., Dulphy J.P., Sayer M. & Diana E. (2007)

Water Pennywort

In USDA-ARS-SABCL (South American Biological Control Laboratory). Annual Report, 2011

Based on: Walsh W. C. & Maestro M. (2011)

Responses of a pond-breeding amphibian community to the experimental removal of predatory fish

American Midland Naturalist

Based on: Walston L.J. & Mullin S.J. (2007)

Snags, cavity-nesting birds, and silvicultural treatments in western Oregon

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Walter S.T. & Maguire C.C. (2005)

Assessment of the effectiveness of mangrove rehabilitation using exploited and non-exploited indicator species

Biological Conservation

Based on: Walton M.E., Le Vay L., Lebata J.H., Binas J. & Primavera J.H. (2007)

Establishing systemic rust infections in Cirsium arvense in the field

Biocontrol Science and Technology

Based on: Wandeler H., Nentwig W. & Bacher S. (2008)

Combining intercropping with semiochemical releases: optimization of alternative control of Sitobion avenae in wheat crops in China

Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata

Based on: Wang G., Cui L., Dong J., Francis F., Liu Y. & Tooker J. (2011)

Blocking Phragmites australis reinvasion of restored marshes using plants selected from wild populations and tissue culture

Wetlands Ecology and Management

Based on: Wang J., Seliskar D.M., Gallagher J.L. & League M.T. (2006)

Soil chemical properties and microbial biomass after 16 years of no-tillage farming on the Loess Plateau, China


Based on: Wang Q., Bai Y., Gao H., He J., Chen H., Chesney R.C., Kuhn N.J. & Li H. (2008)

Conservation value of cacao agroforestry for amphibians and reptiles in South-East Asia: combining correlative models with follow-up field experiments

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Wanger T.C., Saro A., Iskandar D.T., Brook B.W., Sodhi N.S., Clough Y. & Tscharntke T. (2009)

The success of a soft-release reintroduction of the flightless Aldabra rail (Dryolimnas [cuvieri] aldabranus) on Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles

Biological Conservation

Based on: Wanless R.M., Cunningham J., Hockey P.A.R., Wanless J., White R.W. & Wiseman R. (2002)

The effects of culling on the Abbeystead and Mallowdale gullery

Bird Study

Based on: Wanless S. & Langslow D.R. (1983)

Tillage effects on the dynamics of total and corn-residue-derived soil organic matter in two southern Ontario soils

Canadian Journal of Soil Science

Based on: Wanniarachchi S.D., Voroney R.P., Vyn T.J., Beyaert R.P. & MacKenzie a.F. (1999)

Effect of silvicultural system on vascular flora in a wet sclerophyll forest in south-eastern Tasmania

Australian Forestry

Based on: Wapstra M., Duncan F., Williams K. & Walsh D. (2003)

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