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Development of vegetation on set-aside land for up to nine years from a national perspective

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Critchley C.N.R. & Fowbert J.A. (2000)

Grasslands: Ecology, Management & Restoration

Re-creating plant and beetle assemblages of species-rich chalk grasslands on ex-arable land

Based on: Woodcock B.A., Mortimer S.R., Edwards A.R., Lawson C.S., Westbury D.B., Brook A.J., Harris S.J. & Brown V.K. (2008)

Reducing wounding of game by shotgun hunting: effects of a Danish action plan on pink‐footed geese

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Noer H., Madsen J. & Hartmann P. (2007)

Relationships between polyphagous predator density and overwintering habitat within arable field margins and beetle banks

British Crop Protection Conference: Pests and Diseases

Based on: Collins K.L., Wilcox A., Chaney K. & Boatman N.D. (1996)

Insect pests and beneficial arthropod populations under different hedgerow intercropping systems in semiarid Kenya

Agroforestry Systems

Based on: Girma H., Rao M.R. & Sithanantham S. (2000)

Responses of a pond-breeding amphibian community to the experimental removal of predatory fish

American Midland Naturalist

Based on: Walston L.J. & Mullin S.J. (2007)

Management of Sinapis alba subsp. mairei winter cover crop residues for summer weed control in southern Spain

Crop Protection

Based on: Alcántara C., Pujadas A. & Saavedra M. (2011)

Response of selected aquatic invasive weeds to flumioxazin and carfentrazone-ethyl

Journal of Aquatic Plant Management

Based on: Richardson R.J., Roten R., West A., True S. & Gardner A. (2008)

Activity of insectivorous bats is related to water availability in a highly modified Mexican temperate forest

Acta Chiropterologica

Based on: López-González C., Lozano A., Gómez-Ruiz E.P. & López-Wilchis R. (2016)

Effects of headland management on invertebrate communities in cereal fields.

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Hassall M., Hawthorne A., Maudsley M., White P. & Cardwell C. (1992)

Florida Key deer Odocoileus virginianus clavium underpass use and movements along a highway corridor

Based on: Braden A.W., Lopez R.R., Roberts C.W., Silvy N.J., Owen C.B. & Frank P.A. (2008)

Superovulation, in vivo embryo recovery and cryopreservation for Aoudad (Ammotragus lervia) females using osmotic pumps and vitrification: a preliminary experience and its implications for conservation

Tropical Conservation Science

Based on: Lopez-Saucedo J., Ramon-Ugalde J.P., Barroso-Padilla J.D., Gutierrez-Gutierrez A.M., Fierro R. & Pina-Aguilar R.E. (2013)

Calf mortality and population growth in the Delta caribou herd after wolf control

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Valkenburg P., McNay M.E. & Dale B.W. (2004)

Reptile hibernacula - providing a winter refuge


Based on: Stebbings R. (2000)

Effect of litter removal on species richness and acidification of a mixed oak-pine woodland

Biological Conservation

Based on: Dzwonko Z. & Gawroński S. (2002)

The impact of predator control on lapwing Vanellus vanellus breeding success on wet grassland nature reserves

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Bolton M., Tyler G., Smith K. & Bamford R. (2007)

Hay strewing, brush harvesting of seed and soil disturbance as tools for the enhancement of botanical diversity in grasslands

Biological Conservation

Based on: Edwards A.R., Mortimer S.R., Lawson C.S., Westbury D.B., Harris S.J., Woodcock B.A. & Brown V.K. (2007)

Habitat use by seed-eating birds: a scale-dependent approach


Based on: Robinson R.A., Hart J.D., Holland J.M. & Parrott D. (2004)

Conservation of the dark-rumped petrel Pterodroma phaeopygia in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Biological Conservation

Based on: Cruz J.B. & Cruz F. (1987)

Breeding bird populations in relation to changing forest structure following fire exclusion: a 15-year study

Wilson Bulletin

Based on: Engstrom R.T., Crawford R.L. & Baker W.W. (1984)

Density and reproductive success of Florida grasshopper sparrows following fire

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Delany M.F., Linda S.B., Pranty B. & Perkins D.W. (2002)

Attempted eradication of house sparrows Passer domesticus from Round Island (Mauritius), Indian Ocean

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Bednarczuk E., Feare C.J., Lovibond S., Tatayah V. & Jones C.G. (2010)

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