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The value of waterfowl refuges in Illinois

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Bellrose F.C. (1954)

Relative value of natural cavities and nesting houses for wood ducks

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Bellrose F.C., Johnson K.L. & Meyers T.U. (1964)

Restoration of lost aquatic plant communities: new habitats for Chara

Aquatic Ecology

Based on: Beltman B. & Allegrini C. (1997)

Effects of restoration measures on nutrient availability in a formerly nutrient-poor floating fen after acidification and eutrophication

Biological Conservation

Based on: Beltman B., van den Broek T., Bloemen S. & Witsel C. (1996)

Passive Recovery of Vegetation after Herbivore Eradication on Santa Cruz Island, California

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Beltran R.S., Kreidler N., Van V.D.H., Morrison S.A., Zavaleta E.S., Newton K., Tershy B.R. & Croll D.A. (2014)

Early establishment of planted Retama sphaerocarpa seedlings under different levels of light, water and weed competition

Plant Ecology

Based on: Benayas J.M.R., Lopez-Pintor A., Garcia C., de la Camara N., Strasser R. & Sal A.G. (2002)

Habitat characteristics of harvest mouse nests on arable farmland.

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Bence S.L., Stander K. & Griffiths M. (2003)

Wintering waterbird use of two aquatic plant habitats in a southern reservoir

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Benedict R.J. & Hepp G.R. (2000)

Nutritional composition and digestibility by ocelots (Leopardus pardalis) of whole animals and a commercial diet

Zoo Biology

Based on: Bennett C.L., Booth‐Binczik S.D. & Steele S.R.E. (2010)

Red aviation lights on wind turbines do not increase bat–turbine collisions

Animal Conservation

Based on: Bennett V.J. & Hale A.M. (2014)

In vitro micropropagation of Primula scotica: a rare Scottish plant

Biodiversity and Conservation

Based on: Benson E.E., Danaher J.E., Pimbley I.M., Anderson C.T., Wake J.E., Daley S. & Adams L.K. (2000)

Vegetative regeneration of Calluna vulgaris at different ages and fertilizer levels

Biological Conservation

Based on: Berdowski J.J.M. & Siepel H. (1988)

Declining biodiversity in agricultural landscapes and the effectiveness of agri-environment schemes


Based on: Berendse F., Chamberlain D., Kleijn D. & Schekkerman H. (2004)

Experiments on the restoration of species-rich meadows in the Netherlands

Biological Conservation

Based on: Berendse F., Oomes M.J.M., Altena H.J. & Elberse W.T. (1992)

Understory response to repeated thinning in Douglas-fir forests of western Oregon

Journal of Sustainable Forestry

Based on: Berger C.A., Puettmann K.J. & McKenna J. (2012)

Treatment of chytridiomycosis requires urgent clinical trials

Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

Based on: Berger L., Speare R., Pessier A., Voyles J. & Skerratt L.F. (2010)

Impact of translocation, provisioning and range restriction on a group of Macaca thibetana

International Journal of Primatology

Based on: Berman C.M. & Li J. (2002)

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