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Individual study: Organic and intensive farming impact on phytodiversity

Published source details

Balezentiene L. (2008) Organic and intensive farming impact on phytodiversity. Vagos, 79, 30-36

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Create uncultivated margins around intensive arable or pasture fields Farmland Conservation

A replicated trial in Lithuania in 2006-2007 (Balezentiene 2008) found that uncropped field margins had significantly higher plant diversity than margins within wheat crops, on both organic and intensive farms. Fifteen field margin areas were left to regenerate naturally (uncropped) and compared with fifteen margins of a winter wheat crop, across three farms in Lithuania. One farm was managed organically, the other two conventionally. Plants in the margins were monitored in June and July 2006 and 2007 in 0.5 m2 sample plots.