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Managing Molinia? Proceedings of a 3 day conference September 2015 (JP017)

Based on: Natural England-National Trust (2015)

Monitoring and evaluation of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme. Overview Report 1998

Based on: Carey P., Finch C., Hunt J., Morris C., Parkin A., Priscott A., Routh C. & Short C. (1999)

The ecology of grass-wrack pondweed Potamogeton compressus (NECR130)

Based on: Birkinshaw N., Kemp E. & Clarke S. (2013)

Biodiversity studies of six traditional orchards in England (NERR025)

Based on: Lush M., Robertson J.H., Alexander A.K.N., Giavarini V., Hewins E., Mellings J., Stevenson R.C., Storey M. & Whitehead P.F. (2009)

Identifying best practice in management of activities on Marine Protected Areas: Natural England Commissioned Report (NECR108)

Based on: Liley D., Morris A.R.K., Cruickshanks K., Macleod C., Underhill-Day J., Brereton T. & Mitchell J. (2012)

River restoration assessment of the STREAM project - executive summary (STREAM10)

Based on: Hammond D., Mant J., Janes M. & Fellick A. (2009)

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