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Small mammals in modified Pinyon-Juniper woodlands, New-Mexico

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Severson K.E. (1986)

Small mammals in new farm woodlands

Mammal Review

Based on: Moore N.P., Askew N. & Bishop J.D. (2003)

Small mammals increase on recently cleared and seeded juniper rangeland

Based on: Baker M.F. & Frischknecht F.C. (1973)

Small mammals on one-year set-aside

Acta Theriologica

Based on: Tattersall F.H., Macdonald D.W., Manley W.J., Gates S., Ferber R. & Hart B.J. (1997)

Small mammals on set-aside blocks and margins

Aspects of Applied Biology

Based on: Tattersall F.H., Hart B.J., Manley W.J., Macdonald D.W. & Feber R.E. (1999)

Small protection plates against marten predation on nest boxes

Applied Entomology and Zoology

Based on: Yamaguchi N., Kawano K..M., Yamaguchi Y. & Saito T. (2005)

Small-mammal response to group-selection silvicultural systems in Engelmann spruce - subalpine fir forests 14 years postharvest

Canadian Journal of Forest Research

Based on: Ransome D.B., Lindgren P.M.F., Waterhouse M.J., Armleder H.M. & Sullivan T.P. (2009)

Snag retention increases bird use of a clear-cut

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Dickson J.G., Conner R.N. & Williamson J.H. (1983)

Snags, cavity-nesting birds, and silvicultural treatments in western Oregon

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Walter S.T. & Maguire C.C. (2005)

Snaring to control feral pigs Sus scrofa in a remote Hawaiian rain forest

Biological Conservation

Based on: Anderson S.J. & Stone C.P. (1993)

Social context and consumption of unfamiliar foods by capuchin monkeys(Cebus apella) over repeated encounters.

American Journal of Primatology

Based on: Visalberghi E., Valente M. & Fragaszy D. (1998)

Social facilitation of exploratory foraging behavior in capuchin monkeys (Cebus apella)

American Journal of Primatology

Based on: Dindo M., Whiten A. & De Waal F. (2009)

Social organization and demography of reintroduced Dorcas gazelle (Gazelle dorcas neglecta) in North Ferlo Fauna Reserve, Senegal


Based on: Abáigar T., Cano M., Djigo C.A.T., Gomis J., Sarr T., Youm B., Fernandez-Bellon H. & Ensenyat C. (2016)

Social parasitism by male-producing reproductive workers in a eusocial insect


Based on: Lopez-Vaamonde C., Koning J.W., Brown R.M., Jordan W.C. & Bourke A.F.G. (2004)

Social structure of three sympatric bat species (Vespertilionidae)

Journal of Zoology

Based on: Park K.J., Masters E. & Altringham J.D. (1998)

Soft-release versus hard-release for reintroduction of an endangered species: An experimental comparison using eastern barred bandicoots (Perameles gunnii)

Wildlife Research

Based on: De Milliano J., Di Stefano J., Courtney P., Temple-Smith P. & Coulson G. (2016)

Soil Aggregate Stability as Affected by Fertilization Type under Semiarid No-Tillage Conditions

Soil Science Society of America Journal

Based on: Plaza-Bonilla D., Álvaro-Fuentes J. & Cantero-Martínez C. (2013)

Soil aggregation and organic carbon protection in a no-tillage chronosequence under Mediterranean conditions


Based on: Plaza-Bonilla D., Cantero-Martínez C., Viñas P. & Álvaro-Fuentes J. (2013)

Soil aggregation and soil organic carbon stabilization: Effects of management in semiarid Mediterranean agroecosystems

Soil Science Society of America Journal

Based on: Álvaro-Fuentes J., Cantero-Martínez C., López M. V., Paustian K., Denef K., Stewart C. E. & Arrúe J. L. (2009)

Soil ammonium accumulation after sod cutting hampers the restoration of degraded wet heathlands

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Dorland E., Bobbink R., Messelink J.H. & Verhoeven J.T.A. (2003)

Soil and vegetation responses to hydrological manipulation in a partially drained polje fen in New Zealand

Wetlands Ecology and Management

Based on: Sorrell B.K., Partridge T.R., Clarkson B.R., Jackson R.J., Chagué-Goff C., Ekanayake J., Payne J., Gerbeaux P. & Grainger N.P.J. (2007)

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