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Individual study: Brewer's yeast makes the best pollen substitute for feeding stingless bees Scapototrigona postica; laboratory experiments in Ribeirão Prêto, São Paulo, Brazil

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Zucoloto F.S. (1977) Nutritive value of some pollen substitutes for Nannotrigona (Scaptotrigona) postica. Journal of Apicultural Research, 16, 59-61

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Two controlled trials in Ribeirão Prêto, São Paulo, Brazil tested different pollen substitute diets for their ability to support development in stingless bee workers of the species Scaptotrigona postica. One trial with two groups of 10 bees for each diet found brewer's yeast was the best pollen substitute, leading to better development of the ovaries and hypopharyngeal gland than two brands of commercially available pollen substitute, or bulrush Typha pollen. The control group, fed on pollen collected by other S. postica bees, developed better than all the other groups (Zucoloto 1977).