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Artificial establishment of a ground squirrel colony

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Salmon T.P. & Marsh R.E. (1981)

Population dynamics of a reintroduced Asiatic wild ass (Equus Hemionus) herd

Ecological Applications

Based on: Saltz D. & Rubenstein D.I. (1995)

Vertebrate fauna evaluation after habitat restoration in a reserve within Mexico City

Ecological Restoration

Based on: San-José M., Garmendia A. & Cano-Santana Z. (2013)

Effective control of non-native American mink by strategic trapping in a river catchment in mainland Britain

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Reynolds J.C., Richardson S.M., Rodgers B.J.E. & Rodgers O.R.K. (2013)

Mitigating carnivore-livestock conflict in Europe: lessons from Slovakia


Based on: Rigg R., Finďo S., Wechselberger M., Gorman M.L., Sillero-Zubiri C. & Macdonald D.W. (2011)

Trophic cascades in Yellowstone: The first 15 years after wolf reintroduction

Biological Conservation

Based on: Ripple W.J. & Beschta R.L. (2012)

The impact of cats and foxes on the small vertebrate fauna of Heirisson Prong, Western Australia. II. A field experiment

Wildlife Research

Based on: Risbey D.A., Calver M.C., Short J., Bradley J.S. & Wright I.W. (2000)

Mule deer and cattle responses to a prescribed burn

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Roberts T.A. & Tiller R.L. (1985)

Effect of group size on survival of relocated prairie dogs

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Robinette K.W., Andelt W.F. & Burnham K.P. (1995)

Long-term and large-scale control of the introduced red fox increases native mammal occupancy in Australian forests

Biological Conservation

Based on: Robley A., Gormley A.M., Forsyth D.M. & Triggs B. (2014)

Use of non-wildlife passages across a high speed railway by terrestrial vertebrates

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Rodriguez A., Crema G. & Delibes M. (1996)

Vegetation and deer response to mechanical shrub clearing and burning

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Rogers J.O., Fulbright T.E. & Ruthven D.C. (2004)

Effects of translocation distance on frequency of return by adult black bears

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Rogers L.L. (1986)

Does diversionary feeding create nuisance bears and jeopardize public safety?

Human Wildlife Interactions

Based on: Rogers L.L. (2011)

Effects of wildfires and post-fire forest treatments on rabbit abundance

European Journal of Wildlife Research

Based on: Rollan A. & Real J. (2011)

Deer response to brush management in central Texas

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Rollins D., Bryant F.C., Waid D.D. & Bradley L.C. (1988)

Distribution of small mammals in a pastoral landscape of the Tibetan plateaus (Western Sichuan, China) and relationship with grazing practices


Based on: Raoul F., Quéré J., Rieffel D., Bernard N., Takahashi K., Scheifler R., Ito A., Wang Q., Qiu J., Yang W., Craig P.S. & Giraudoux P. (2006)

Preventing mule deer drownings in the Mohawk Canal, Arizona

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Rautenstrauch K.R. & Krausman P.R. (1989)

Mule deer behavior at a highway underpass exit

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Reed D.F. (1981)

Methods of reducing deer–vehicle accidents: benefit–cost analysis

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Reed D.F., Beck T.D.I. & Woodward T.N. (1982)

Use of one-way gates by mule deer

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Reed D.F., Pojar T.M. & Woodard T.N. (1974)

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