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Action: Build bird-perches to enhance natural seed dispersal Forest Conservation

Key messages

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  • One replicated, randomized, controlled study in Brazil found that building perches for birds increased species richness and abundance of new tree seedlings.


Supporting evidence from individual studies


A replicated, randomized, controlled study in 2001-2002 in a degraded subtropical Araucaria forest in Brazil (Zanini & Ganade 2005) found that building bird perches increased species richness and abundance of new seedlings. Species richness (perches: 0.6-2.0; no perch: 0.2-0.8/m2) and abundance (perches: 0.7-2.7; no perches: 0.2-1.7) were higher under perches. Data were collected in 2002 in four pairs of perch and control plots (1 × 1 m) in each of 10 blocks randomly located inside a 2 ha area. Perches were 2 m tall with a 16 cm diameter pole and were placed in the centre of each perch plot.


Referenced papers

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