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Synopsis protocols

A synopsis protocol is written before a new, or an update of an existing synopsis is produced. The protocol describes the methodology that will be used to produce the synopsis, which is based on the standard subject-wide Conservation Evidence synthesis methodology. Each protocol is reviewed by the synopsis advisory board, who are listed at the beginning of the protocol. The advisory board is a group of experts in diverse topics within the subject, representing the geographic range covered by the synthesis, and including a mix of academics, practitioners and policy-makers.

Each protocol has been registered (on a specific date) on the Open Science Framework (

Additional literature searches and advisory board members may be added during the development of a synopsis, and in a small number of cases a decision (in collaboration with the advisory board) may be made to summarise the evidence for a subset of actions, due to time restrictions for example. The introduction section of published synopses will detail the finalised methodology. For each published synopsis the complete list of literature sources searched can also be viewed here, and the advisory board here.


Synopses underway

Cool Farm Biodiversity

Marine Fish Conservation

Marine Mammal Conservation

Reptile Conservation

Terrestrial and Freshwater Invertebrate Conservation

Update of Bird Conservation

Wetland Conservation

Published synopses

Amphibian Conservation   Amphibian Conservation - Published 2014

Bat Conservation   Bat Conservation - Published 2020

Bee Conservation   Bee Conservation - Published 2010

Bird Conservation   Bird Conservation - Published 2013

Control of Freshwater Invasive Species   Control of Freshwater Invasive Species - Published 2017

Farmland Conservation   Farmland Conservation - Published 2013

Forest Conservation   Forest Conservation - Published 2016

Management of Captive Animals   Management of Captive Animals - Published 2018

Mediterranean Farmland   Mediterranean Farmland - Published 2017

Natural Pest Control   Natural Pest Control - Published 2013

Peatland Conservation   Peatland Conservation - Published 2018

Primate Conservation   Primate Conservation - Published 2017

  Priority Knowledge Needs for Sustainable Farming Addressed - Published 2015

Shrubland and Heathland Conservation   Shrubland and Heathland Conservation - Published 2017

Soil Fertility   Soil Fertility - Published 2013

Subtidal Benthic Invertebrate Conservation   Subtidal Benthic Invertebrate Conservation - Published 2020

Sustainable Aquaculture   Sustainable Aquaculture - Published 2013

Terrestrial Mammal Conservation   Terrestrial Mammal Conservation - Published 2020