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Providing evidence to improve practice

What Works in Conservation - books

What Works in Conservation provides expert assessment of the effectiveness of interventions based on the summarised evidence in synopses. These assessments are available in the searchable database, and the full publication can be downloaded as a pdf or purchased from OpenBook Publishers.

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What Works in Conservation 2018 is now available to download


Previous editions:

These are for reference only as all information/updated information is included in the most recent edition.

W.J. Sutherland, L.V. Dicks, N. Ockendon & R.K. Smith (2017) What Works in Conservation Open Book Publishers, Cambridge, UK. Pdf

Sutherland W.J., Dicks L.V., Ockendon N. & Smith R.K. (2015) What Works in Conservation 2015. Open Book Publishers, Cambridge, UK. Pdf