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Providing evidence to improve practice

Catalogue of Conservation Reports Searched


The table below shows the list of non-peer reviewed sources (sometimes referred to as ‘grey literature’) that we have searched so far. The year ranges show the time period for which we have systematically searched every volume for each source, and identified articles that fit our criteria. Articles that fit our criteria are then stored in our evidence repository until they are summarised and included in a synopsis and in our searchable database.
We have a separate catalogue for English, for non-English journals, and for journals by synopsis. For more details see our methods and FAQ pages.
What studies have we searched for?
1. A conservation action must have been carried out. Browse our evidence for examples of conservation actions.
2. The effects of the action on wildlife or ecosystems must have been monitored quantitatively. There are a variety of relevant metrics for Conservation Evidence but some common ones include abundance, diversity, population trends, reproductive success, survival rate, percentage cover and establishment of a successful breeding population.  
Inclusion criteria for reports:
*The source must quantify the effects of a conservation action
*The source must be freely available to download
*The sources must be numbered sequentially or dated so that searches can easily be documented and updated


List of reports and contributors

Organisation Years searched Conservation literature researcher Details
IUCN-SSC Invasive Species Specialist Group 1995-2013 Rebecca J. Robertson (1995-2013)
Aliens: The Invasive Species Bulletin (IUCN) Vol 1 - Vol 33
British Trust for Ornithology 1981-2016 Silviu Petrovan (1981-2016)
Report 1-687
Amphibian Survival Alliance 1994-2012 Rebecca K. Smith (1994-2012)
Vol 9 - Vol 104
IUCN-SSC Cetacean Specialist Group 1989-2018 Anna Berthinussen (1989-2018)
Dated reports at
IUCN-SSC Crocodile Specialist Group 2006-2018 Katie Sainsbury (2006-2018)
CSG Articles
IUCN-SSC Crocodile Specialist Group 2005-2017 Katie Sainsbury (2005-2017)
CSG Reports
IUCN-SSC Marine Mammal Protected Area Specialist Group 2017-2018 Anna Berthinussen (2017-2018)
Dated documents at
Joint Nature Conservation Committee 1991-2018 Anna Berthinussen (1991-2018)
Report no.s 1-627
Sea Mammal Research Unit 2012-2018 Anna Berthinussen (2012-2018)
Marine Mammal Scientific Support to Scottish Government reports at
Sea Mammal Research Unit 1990-2018 Anna Berthinussen (1990-2018)
SMRU reports for funders at
Natural England 1991-2018 Conservation Evidence Team (1991-2018)
NatureScot 2004-2015 Anna Berthinussen (2016-2018)
David O’Brien (2004-2015)
Reports 1-945
North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission 1998-2018 Anna Berthinussen (1998-2018)
NAMMCO outputs (Scientific publication series Vol1(1998)–10(2018) at
Whale and Dolphin Conservation 2001-2018 Anna Berthinussen (2001-2018)