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Catalogue of Conservation Reports: Results from Systematic Searches

121 studies found

11th National Heathland Conference, 18-20 March 2015

Alonso I., Underhill-Day J. & Lake S. (2015) Natural England report.

40 years of natterjack toad conservation in Europe


Beebee T., Cabido C., Eggert C., Mestre I.G., Iraola A., Garin-Barrio I., Griffiths R.A., Miaud C., Oromi N., Sanuy D., Sinsch U. & Tejedo M. (2012) Froglog, 101, 40-43.

A review of the ecology, hydrology and nutrient dynamics of floodplain meadows in England (ENRR446)

Gowing D.J.G., Tallowin J.R.B., Dise N.B., Goodyear J., Dodd M.E. & Lodge R.J. (2002) Natural England (English Nature) report.

A review of the success of bat boxes in houses

Bat Conservation Trust (2006) Scottish Natural Heritage report, 160.

A survey of selected agri-environmental grassland creation and restoration sites (NECR107)

Hewins E. (2013) Natural England report.

A survey of the invertebrates of five dunes in Northumberland (ENRR046)

Drake C.M. & Denman D.J. (1992) Natural England (English Nature) report.

Amphibian breeding station in Hanoi: a trial model for linking conservation and research with sustainable use


Truong N.Q., The D.T., Cuong P.T., Tao N.T. & Ziegler T. (2009) Froglog, 91, 12-15.

Amphibian conservation in Britain


Wilkinson J.W. & Buckley J. (2012) Froglog, 101, 12-13.

Amphibian rescue and conservation project - Panama


Gratwicke B (2012) Froglog, 102, 17-20.

An assessment of seed viability, germination and vegetative propagation requirements for Nuphar pumila (NECR244)

Peach J., Davies R., Walmisley J. & Chapman T. (2017) Natural England report.

Assessing the importance of spatial location of agri environment options within the landscape to butterflies (NECR157)

Oliver T. (2014) Natural England report.

Assessment of the effect of Environmental Stewardship on improving the ecological status of grassland, moorland and heath (NECR156)

Mountford O. & Smart S. (2014) Natural England report.

Bats and licensing: a report on the success of maternity roost compensation measures

Mackintosh M. (2016) Scottish Natural Heritage report, 928.

Biodiversity studies of six traditional orchards in England (NERR025)

Lush M., Robertson J.H., Alexander A.K.N., Giavarini V., Hewins E., Mellings J., Stevenson R.C., Storey M. & Whitehead P.F. (2009) Natural England report.

Bryophyte monitoring at Naddle Low Forest, Cumbria (ENRR017)

Averis A.B.G. (1992) Natural England (English Nature) report.

Condition assessment of Thanet Coast Special Area of Conservation (NECR165)

Natural England (2015) Natural England report.

Conservation of ribbon-leaved water-plantain: current status, the species recovery programme and future outlook (NECR074)

Landsdown R.V. (2011) Natural England report.

Conservation of the Freshwater Pearl Mussel I: Captive Breeding Techniques (IN127)

Hastie L.C. & Young M.R. (2003) Natural England (English Nature) report.

Control of Rhododendron ponticum on Lundy in relation to the conservation of the endemic plant Lundy cabbage, Coincya wrightii (ENRR263)

Compton S.G., Key R.S., Key R.J.D. & Parkes E. (1998) Natural England (English Nature) report.

Dead wood matters: the ecology and conservation of saproxylic invertebrates in Britain: British Ecological Society proceedings April 1992 (ENS07)

Kirby K.J. & Drake C.M. (1993) Natural England (English Nature) report.

Deer management on National Nature Reserves: problems and practices (ENRR173)

Putman R. (1996) Natural England (English Nature) report.

Desk review of burning and other management options for the control for heather beetle (NEER009)

Gillingham P., Diaz A., Stillman R. & Pinder A.C. (2015) Natural England report.

Diversification of grassland through the manipulation of plant-soil interactions and the identification of indicators of restorability: Project BD1451 Final Report to DEFRA/Natural England (RP00194)

Lancaster Environment Centre (2012) Natural England report.

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