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First soft-release of a relocated puma in South America

Mammal Research

Based on: Adania C.H., de Carvalho W.D., Rosalino L.M., Pereira J.D. & Crawshaw P.G. (2017)

Effectiveness of population recovery projects based on captive breeding

Biological Conservation

Based on: Adamski P. & Witkowski Z.J. (2007)

Taking the elephant out of the room and into the corridor: can urban corridors work?


Based on: Adams T.S., Chase M.J., Rogers T.L. & Leggett K.E. (2017)

Oak seedling establishment on California rangelands

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Adams T.E. Jr., Sands P.B., Weitkamp W.H. & McDougald N.K. (1992)

Sheep and cattle grazing in forests: a review

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Adams S.N. (1975)

Short-term effect of cattle exclosures on Columbia spotted frog (Rana luteiventris) populations and habitat in northeastern Oregon

Journal of Herpetology

Based on: Adams M.J., Pearl C.A., Mccreary B., Galvan K., Wessell S.J., Wente W.H., Anderson C.W. & Kuehl A.B. (2009)

Effects of 5-year application of municipal solid waste compost on the distribution and mobility of heavy metals in a Tunisian calcareous soil

Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment

Based on: Achiba W.B., Gabteni N., Lakhdar A., Laing G.D., Verloo M., Jedidi N. & Gallali T. (2009)

Revegetating Disturbance in National Parks: Reestablishing Native Plants in Saguaro National Park, Sonoran Desert

Natural Areas Journal

Based on: Abella S.R., O'Brien K.L. & Weesner M.W. (2015)

Clutter-adaptation of bat species predicts their use of under-motorway passageways of contrasting sizes - a natural experiment

Journal of Zoology (London)

Based on: Abbott I.M., Harrison S. & Butler F. (2012)

When flyways meet highways - The relative permeability of different motorway crossing sites to functionally diverse bat species

Landscape and Urban Planning

Based on: Abbott I.M., Butler F. & Harrison S. (2012)

Social organization and demography of reintroduced Dorcas gazelle (Gazelle dorcas neglecta) in North Ferlo Fauna Reserve, Senegal


Based on: Abáigar T., Cano M., Djigo C.A.T., Gomis J., Sarr T., Youm B., Fernandez-Bellon H. & Ensenyat C. (2016)

Plant diversity in a calcareous wooded meadow - The significance of management continuity

Journal of Vegetation Science

Based on: Aavik T., Jogar U., Liira J., Tulva I. & Zobel M. (2008)

Improved growth and nutrient utilisation in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) fed diets containing a bacterial protein meal


Based on: Aas T.S, Grisdale-Helland B., Terjesen B.F. & Helland S.J. (2006)

Reintroducing endangered Vancouver Island marmots: survival and cause-specific mortality rates of captive-born versus wild-born individuals

Biological Conservation

Based on: Aaltonen K., Bryant A.A., Hostetler J.A. & Oli M.K. (2009)

Canopy vs. understorey: Does tree diversity affect bee and wasp communities and their natural enemies across forest strata?

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: , S. Tscharntke T., Scherber C., , & Steffan-Dewenter I. (2009)

Development of fish communities in lakes after biomanipulation

Aquatic Ecology

Based on: , Lammens E.H.R.R., Raat A.J.P., Klein Breteler J.G.P. & Grimm M.P. (1995)

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