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A Swiss agri-environment scheme effectively enhances species richness for some taxa over time

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Roth T., Amrhein V., Peter B. & Weber D. (2008)

A survey of the results of pond projects for rare amphibians in Denmark

Memoranda Societatis pro Fauna et Flora Fennica

Based on: Fog K. (1997)

A successful reintroduction of European otters


Based on: Wayre P. (1985)

A successful Pacific rat Rattus exulans eradication on tropical Reiono Island (Tetiaroa Atoll, French Polynesia) despite low baiting rates

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Samaniego A., Griffiths R., Gronwald M., Murphy F., Le Rohellec M., Oppel S., Meyer J-Y. & Russell J. C. (2020)

A study of the restoration of heathland on successional sites: changes in vegetation and soil chemical properties

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Mitchell R.J., Marrs R.H, Le Duc M.G. & Auld M.H.D. (1999)

A study of the pest status and control of maize stem borers on the Niassa Plateau, Mozambique

International Journal of Pest Management

Based on: Davies G. (1998)

A study of the long-eared owl Asio otus using wicker nesting baskets

Bird Study

Based on: Garner D.J. & Milne B.S. (1998)

A study of rehabilitated juvenile hedgehogs after release into the wild

Animal Welfare

Based on: Morris P.A. & Warwick H. (1994)

A study of grasshopper populations in Countryside Stewardship Scheme field margins in Essex

British Journal of Entomology and Natural History

Based on: Gardiner T. & Hill J. (2005)

A strategy for minimizing waterfowl deaths on toxic waterbodies

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Read J.L. (1999)

A Starling-Deterrent Wood Duck Nest Box

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: McGilvrey F.B. & Uhler F.M. (1971)

A simultaneous assessment of farmland habitat use by breeding skylarks and yellowhammers

Aspects of Applied Biology

Based on: Murray K.A., Wilcox A. & Stoate C. (2002)

A shocking device for protection of concentrated food sources from black bears

Based on: Breck S.W., Lance N. & Callahan P. (2006)

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