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Individual study: Supplemental winter feeding does not promote dependency in black-capped chickadees Parus atricapillus in Sauk County, Wisconsin, USA

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Brittingham M.C. & Temple S.A. (1992) Does winter bird feeding promote dependency? Journal of Field Ornithology, 63, 190-194

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Provide supplementary food for songbirds to increase adult survival Bird Conservation

A controlled study in Wisconsin, USA, over five months in the winter of 1984-5 (Brittingham & Temple 1992) found that, following the removal of supplementary food, 49 black-capped chickadees Parus atricapillus did not have lower survival at a site where they had previously been provided with supplementary food, compared with 35 control chickadees, at a site where they had never been fed (84% monthly survival for previously-fed birds vs. 85% for controls). Food had been provided for 25 winters at the experimental site.