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Suppression of soil-borne pathogens of tomato by composts derived from agro-industrial wastes abundant in Mediterranean regions

Biology and Fertility of Soils

Based on: Ntougias S., Papadopoulou K.K., Zervakis G.I., Kavroulakis N. & Ehaliotis C. (2008)

Supplementary feeding of young puffins, Fratercula arctica

Journal of Animal Ecology

Based on: Harris M.P. (1978)

Supplementary feeding as an effective tool for improving breeding success in the Spanish imperial eagle (Aquila adalberti)

Biological Conservation

Based on: González L.M., Margalida A., Sánchez R. & Oria J. (2006)

Supplemental Food and Laying Date in the European Starling

The Condor

Based on: Källander H. & Karlsson J. (1993)

Supplemental Feeding: Possible Negative Effects on Black-Billed Magpies

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Reese K.P. & Kadlec J.A. (1984)

Supplemental feeding regimes for Egyptian vultures in the Negev Desert, Israel

Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Meretsky V.J. & Mannan R.W. (1999)

Supplemental feeding program for California condors

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Wilbur S.R., Carrier W.D. & Borneman J.C. (1974)

Supplemental feeding experiments of nesting bald eagles in southeastern Alaska

Journal of Field Ornithology

Based on: Gende S.M. & Willson M.F. (1997)

Summer bird abundance and distribution on set-aside fields on intensive arable farms in England


Based on: Henderson I.G., Vickery J.A. & Fuller R.J. (2000)

Suitability of nesting substrates for the cavity-nesting bee Osmia rufa

Journal of Apicultural Research

Based on: Wilkaniec Z. & Giejdasz K. (2003)

Suitability of amphibians and reptiles for translocation

Conservation Biology

Based on: Germano J.M. & Bishop P.J. (2009)

Suggested measures for the protection of wildlife when constructing shipping canals and inland waterways

Zeitschrift für Jagdwissenschaft

Based on: Schneider V.E. & Waffel H.H. (1978)

Sugar preferences of some southern African nectarivorous birds


Based on: Downs C.T. & Perrin M.R. (1996)

Sugar Preferences and

The Auk

Based on: Jackson S., Nicolson S. & Lotz C.N. (1998)

Sugar maple and yellow birch regeneration in response to canopy opening, liming and vegetation control in a temperate deciduous forest of Quebec

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Gasser D., Messier C., Beaudet M. & Lechowicz M.J. (2010)

Successional Models as Guides for Restoration of Riparian Forest Understory

Restoration Ecology

Based on: McClain C.D., Holl K.D. & Wood D.M. (2011)

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