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The ecological changes of Breckland grass heaths and the consequences of management

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Dolman P.M. & Sutherland W.J. (1992)

The dynamics of mediterranean shrubs species over 12 years following perturbations

Plant Ecology

Based on: Calvo L., Tarrega R. & De Luis E. (2002)

The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Mallorcan midwife toad, Alytes mulentensis – into the 21st centuary

Herpetological Bulletin

Based on: Buley K.R. & Gonzalez-Villavicencio C. (2000)

The distribution and current status of New Zealand saddleback Philesturnus carunculatus

Bird Conservation International

Based on: Hooson S. & Jamieson I.G. (2003)

The differential response of vegetation to grip blocking

Based on: Armstrong A., Holden J. & Stevens C. (2008)

The density of redshank Tringa totanus breeding on the salt-marshes of the Wash in relation to habitat and its grazing management

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Norris K., Cook T., O’Dowd B. & Durdin C. (1997)

The decline of kakapo Strigops habroptilus and attempts at conservation by translocation

Biological Conservation

Based on: Lloyd B.D. & Powlesland R.G. (1994)

The Darwin’s frog conservation initiative

Amphibian Ark Newsletter

Based on: Fenolio D. (2012)

The creation of a floating island of native vegetation at Barton Broad, Norfolk, England

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Kelly A. & Southwood R.R. (2006)

The cost and feasibility of marine coastal restoration

Based on: Bayraktarov E., Saunders M.I., Abdullah S., Mills M., Beher J., Possingham H.P., Mumby P.J. & Lovelock C.E. (2016)

The control of fox movement by electric fencing

Biological Conservation

Based on: Patterson I.J. (1977)

The control of coypus (Myocastor coypus Molina) by cage trapping

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Norris J.D. (1967)

The control of an invasive bivalve, Corbicula fluminea, using gas impermeable benthic barriers in a large natural lake

Environmental Management

Based on: Wittmann M.E., Chandra S., Reuter J.E., Schladow S.G., Allen B.C. & Webb K.J. (2012)

The contribution of roadside grassland restorations to native bee conservation

Biological Conservation

Based on: Hopwood J.L. (2008)

The contribution of rewetting to vegetation restoration of degraded peat meadows

Applied Vegetation Science

Based on: van Dijk J., Stroetenga M., van Bodegom P.M. & Aerts R. (2007)

The contribution of English agri-environment schemes to botanical diversity in arable field margins

Aspects of Applied Biology

Based on: Critchley C.N.R., Walker K.J. & Pywell R.F. (2007)

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