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Individual study: Capture and relocation of grey herons Ardea cinerea proves an inefficient and ineffective method of reducing predation at a fish farm in Belgium

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van Vessem J., Draulans D. & De Bont A. F. (1985) The effects of killing and removal on the abundance of grey herons at fish farms. Proceedings of the International Union of Game Biologists 17th Congress, 337-343

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Translocate birds away from fish farms Bird Conservation

A study in Belgium found that capturing grey herons Ardea cinerea (using clap nets) at a fish farm and releasing them at various distances away (Van Vessem et al. 1985) did not appear to reduce heron abundance. Catching herons was very time-consuming (a maximum of four, but usually 1-2 caught each day). Some birds released 30 to 80 km returned within a month; one released 150 km away reappeared the following winter. Numbers relocated were too low to reduce heron abundance and relocation was considered ineffective.