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Translocation of ultramarine lories Vini ultramarina in the Marquesas Islands: Ua Huka to Fatu Hiva

Bird Conservation International

Based on: Kuehler C., Lieberman A., Varney A., Unitt P., Sulpice R.M., Azua J. & Tehevini B. (1997)

Development of fish communities in lakes after biomanipulation

Aquatic Ecology

Based on: Meijer M.-L., Lammens E.H.R.R., Raat A.J.P., Klein Breteler J.G.P. & Grimm M.P. (1995)

Control of the Indian mongoose Herpestes auropunctatus on St John, US Virgin Islands

Biological Conservation

Based on: Coblentz B.E. & Coblentz B.A. (1985)

Enhancement of botanical diversity of permanent grassland and impact on hay production in Environmentally Sensitive Areas in the UK

Grass and Forage Science

Based on: Hopkins A., Pywell R.F., Peel S. & Johnson S.W. (1999)

Recovery of Bombina bombina in Funen County, Denmark

Memoranda Societatis pro Fauna et Flora Fennica

Based on: Briggs L. (1997)

Effects of a spring prescribed burn on the soil seed bank in sagebrush steppe exhibiting pinyon-juniper expansion

Western North American Naturalist

Based on: Allen E.A., Chambers J.C. & Nowak R.S. (2008)

Development of Vegetation and Aquatic Habitat in Restored Riparian Sites of California's North Coast Rangelands

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Lennox M.S., Lewis D.J., Jackson R.D., Harper J., Larson S. & Tate K.W. (2011)

Pan-African Sanctuary Alliance: Status and range of activities for great ape conservation

American Journal of Primatology

Based on: Farmer K.H. (2002)

Restoring cut-over restiad peat bogs: a factorial experiment of nutrients, seed and cultivation

Ecological Engineering

Based on: Schipper L.A., Clarkson B.R., Vojvodic-Cukovic M. & Webster R. (2002)

Prescribed fire and cattle grazing on an elk winter range in Montana

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Jourdonnais C.S. & Bedunah D.J. (1990)

Movement re-established but not restored: Inferring the effectiveness of road-crossing mitigation for a gliding mammal by monitoring use

Biological Conservation

Based on: Soanes K., Lobo M.C., Vesk P.A., McCarthy M.A., Moore J.L. & van der Ree R. (2013)

Population recovery following differential harvesting of Allium tricoccum Ait. in the southern Appalachians

Biological Conservation

Based on: Rock J.H., Beckage B. & Gross L.J. (2004)

Implications of a zoned fishery management system for marine benthic communities

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Blyth R.E., Kaiser M.J., Edwards-Jones G. & Hart P.J. B. (2004)

The maintenance of grassland on smelter wastes in the lower Swansea Valley. III. Zinc smelter waste

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Gemmell R.P. & Goodman G.T. (1980)

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