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Effects of reindeer browsing on tundra willow and its associated insect herbivores

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Den Herder M., Virtanen R. & Roininen H. (2004)

Effects of removing duck-nest predators on nesting success of grassland songbirds

Canadian Journal of Zoology

Based on: Dion N., Hobson K.A. & Larivière S. (1999)

Effects of repeated prescribed fires on the structure, composition, and regeneration of mixed-oak forests in Ohio

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Hutchinson T.F., Sutherland E.K. & Yaussy D.A. (2005)

Effects of resource availability and social parasite invasion on field colonies of Bombus terrestris

Ecological Entomology

Based on: Carvell C., Rothery P., Pywell R.F. & Heard M.S. (2008)

Effects of restoration measures on nutrient availability in a formerly nutrient-poor floating fen after acidification and eutrophication

Biological Conservation

Based on: Beltman B., van den Broek T., Bloemen S. & Witsel C. (1996)

Effects of restoring oak savanna on bird communities and populations

Conservation Biology

Based on: Brawn J.D. (2006)

Effects of retention felling on epixylic species in boreal spruce forests in southern Finland

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Hautala H., Laaka‐Lindberg S. & Vanha‐Majamaa I. (2011)

Effects of retention harvests on structure of old-growth Pinus strobus L. stands in Ontario

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Bebber D., Cole W., Thomas S., Balsillie D. & Duinker P. (2005)

Effects of rewetting measures in Dutch raised bog remnants on assemblages of aquatic Rotifera and microcrustaceans


Based on: Van Duinen G.A., Zhuge Y., Verberk W.C.E.P., Brock A.M.T., van Kleef H.H., , R. S.E.W., van der Velde G. & Esselink H. (2006)

Effects of riparian timber management on amphibians in Maine

Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Perkins D.W., Malcolm L. & Hunter J.R. (2006)

Effects of rotational grazing on nesting ducks in California

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Carroll L.C., Arnold T.W. & Beam J.A. (2007)

Effects of salinity and cutting on the development of Phragmites australis

Wetlands Ecology and Management

Based on: Asaeda T., Manatunge J., Fujino T. & Sovira D. (2003)

Effects of sandplain revegetation on avian abundance and diversity at Skogasandur and Myrdalssandur, South-Iceland

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Gunnarsson T.G. & Indridadottir G.H. (2009)

Effects of scallop dredging on temperate reef fauna

Based on: Hinz H., Tarrant D., Ridgeway A., Kaiser M. & Hiddink J. (2011)

Effects of season and intensity of sheep grazing on tree regeneration in a British upland woodland

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Hester A., Mitchell F. & Kirby K. (1996)

Effects of seasonal fire, bison grazing and climatic variation on tallgrass prairie vegetation

Plant Ecology

Based on: Coppedge B.R., Engle D.M., Toepfer C.S. & Shaw J.H. (1998)

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