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Saving the sky lark: new solutions for a declining farmland bird

British Birds

Based on: Donald P.F. & Morris T.J. (2005)

Survival rates, causes of failure and productivity of skylark Alauda arvensis nests on lowland farmland


Based on: Donald P.F., Evans A.D., Muirhead L.B., Buckingham D.L., Kirby W.B. & Schmitt S.I.A. (2002)

International conservation policy delivers benefits for birds in Europe


Based on: Donald P.F., Sanderson F.J., Burfield I.J., Bierman S.M., Gregory R.D. & Waliczky Z. (2007)

Use of winter food plots by nongame wildlife species

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Donalty S., Henke S.E. & Kerr C.L. (2003)

Fuel mass and forest structure following stand-replacement fire and post-fire logging in a mixed-evergreen forest

International Journal of Wildland Fire

Based on: Donato D.C., Fontaine J.B., Kauffman J.B., Robinson W.D. & Law B.E. (2013)

Isoelectric focusing of β-glucosidase humic-bound activity in semi-arid Mediterranean soils under management practices

Biology and Fertility of Soils

Based on: Doni S., Macci C., Chen H., Masciandaro G. & Ceccanti B. (2012)

Reduction of runoff and soil loss over steep slopes by using vetiver hedgerow systems

Paddy and Water Environment

Based on: Donjadee S. & Tingsanchali T. (2013)

Islands, exotic herbivores, and invasive plants: Their roles in coastal California restoration

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Donlan C.J, Croll D.A. & Tershy B.R. (2003)

Recovery of the Galapagos rail (Laterallus spilonotus) following the removal of invasive mammals

Biological Conservation

Based on: Donlan C.J., Campbell K., Cabrera W., Lavoie C., Carrion V. & Cruz F. (2007)

Evaluating alternative rodenticides for island conservation: roof rat eradication from the San Jorge Islands, Mexico

Biological Conservation

Based on: Donlan C.J., Howald G.R., Tershy B.R. & Croll D.A. (2003)

Islands and introduced herbivores: conservation action as ecosystem experimentation

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Donlan C.J., Tershy B.R. & Croll D.A. (2002)

Population growth of roan antelope under different management systems

South African Journal of Wildlife Research

Based on: Dorgeloh W.G., van Hoven W. & Rethman N.F.G. (1996)

Soil ammonium accumulation after sod cutting hampers the restoration of degraded wet heathlands

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Dorland E., Bobbink R., Messelink J.H. & Verhoeven J.T.A. (2003)

Catchment liming to restore degraded, acidified heathlands and moorland pools

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Dorland E., van den Berg L.J.L., Brouwer E., Roelofs J.G.M. & Bobbink R. (2005)

An evaluation of anti-coyote electric fencing

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Dorrance M.J. & Bourne J. (1980)

Differential responses of plants, reptiles and birds to grazing management, fertilizer and tree clearing

Austral Ecology

Based on: Dorrough J., McIntyre S., Brown G., Stol J., Barrett G. & Brown A. (2012)

Weed control and root maggots: making canola pest management strategies compatible

Weed Science

Based on: Dosdall L.M., Clayton G.W., Harker K.N., O'Donovan J.T. & Stevenson F.C. (2003)

Forest stand restoration in the agricultural landscape: the effect of different methods of planting establishment

Ecological Engineering

Based on: Dostálek J., Weber M., Matula S. & Frantík T. (2007)

Use of highway overpass embankments by the woodchuck, Marmota monax

The Canadian Field-Naturalist

Based on: Doucet J.G., Sarrazin J.P.R & Bider J.R. (1974)

Contrasting patch selection of breeding Yellowhammers Emberiza citrinella in set-aside and cereal crops

Bird Study

Based on: Douglas D.J.T., Benton T.G. & Vickery J.A. (2010)

Improving the value of field margins as foraging habitat for farmland birds

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Douglas D.J.T., Vickery J.A. & Benton T.G. (2009)

Variation in arthropod abundance in barley under varying sowing regimes

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Douglas D.J.T., Vickery J.A. & Benton T.G. (2010)

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