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Benthic community response to a scallop dredging closure within a dynamic seabed habitat

Based on: Sciberras M., Hinz H., Bennell J., Jenkins S., Hawkins S. & Kaiser M. (2013)

Evaluating the biological effectiveness of fully and partially protected marine areas

Based on: Sciberras M., Jenkins S.R., Kaiser M.J., Hawkins S.J. & Pullin A.S. (2013)

Fall application of herbicides improves Macartney rose-infested coastal prairie rangelands

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Scifres C.J. (1975)

Habitat selection in translocated gregarious ungulate species: an interplay between sociality and ecological requirements

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Scillitani L., Darmon G., Monaco A., Cocca G., Sturaro E., Rossi L. & Ramanzin M. (2013)

Effects of livestock breed and grazing intensity on grazing systems: 3. Effects on diversity of vegetation

Grass and Forage Science

Based on: Scimone M., Rook A.J., Garel J.P. & Sahin N. (2007)

Artificial disturbance promotes recovery of rare Mediterranean temporary pond plant species on the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall, England

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Scott A., Maclean I.M.D. , Byfield A., Pay A.R. & Wilson R.J. (2012)

Enhancing amphibian biodiversity on golf courses with seasonal wetlands

Urban Herpetology

Based on: Scott D.E., Metts B.S. & Whitfield Gibbons J. (2008)

Buck-and-pole fence crossings by 4 ungulate species

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Scott M.D. (1992)

Exotic grasslands on reclaimed midwestern coal mines: An ornithological perspective

Weed Technology

Based on: Scott P.E. & Lima S.L. (2004)

Combined use of compost and wood scraps to increase carbon stock and improve soil quality in intensive farming systems

European Journal of Soil Science

Based on: Scotti R., D'Ascoli R., Gonzalez C.M., Bonanomi G., Sultana S., Cozzolino L., Scelza R., Zoina A. & Rao M.A. (2015)

Translocation of the endangered San Joaquin kit fox, Vulpes macrotis mutica: A retrospective assessment

Western North American Naturalist

Based on: Scrivner J.H., O'Farrell T.P., Hammer K. & Cypher B.L. (2016)

Understory vegetation response after 30 years of interval prescribed burning in two ponderosa pine sites in northern Arizona, USA

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Scudieri C.A., Sieg C.H., Haase S.M., Thode A.E. & Sackett S.S. (2010)

Evaluation of ElectroBraide™ fencing as a white-tailed deer barrier

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Seamans T.W. & VerCauteren K.C. (2006)

Coyote hair as an area repellent for white-tailed deer

International Journal of Pest Management

Based on: Seamans T.W., Blackwell B.F. & Cepek J.D. (2002)

Invasive Ludwigia management plan

Sonoma State University and Marin/Sonoma Mosquito and Vector Control District, Sonoma, California

Based on: Sears A.L.W., Meisler J. & Verdone L.N. (2006)

Restoration of houbara bustard populations in Saudi Arabia: developments and future directions


Based on: Seddon P.J., Saint Jalme M., van Heezik Y., Paillat P., Gaucher P. & Combreau O. (1995)

Breeding bird response to cattle grazing of a cottonwood bottomland

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Sedgwick J.A. & Knopf F.L. (1987)

Using well water to increase hydroperiod as a management option for pond-breeding amphibians

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Seigel R.A., Dinsmore A. & Richter S.C. (2006)

Growth of nestlings of the blue-fronted amazon (Amazona aestiva) raised in the wild or in captivity

Ornitologi­a Neotropical

Based on: Seixas G.H.F. & Mourão G. (2003)

Roan translocation in Kenya


Based on: Sekulic R. (1978)

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