Providing evidence to improve practice

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Join the Conservation Evidence movement 

There is a growing demand for evidence-based solutions to environmental challenges. We invite you to join us in our pursuit for effective conservation.
There are a range of ways you, or your organisation, can collaborate with us. 
Please register your interest for any of the opportunities below using our online forms. 


Gather non-English evidence 
We want to collect evidence from non-English journals. You can get involved by becoming a Conservation Literature Researcher for a particular language. Your contribution will be publicly credited on our website. Register interest here
Volunteer with us 
Opportunities to volunteer with us occur as new projects arise. We will credit you publicly on our website as a Conservation Literature Researcher. Depending on availability some volunteers may have the opportunity to work with us in the David Attenborough Building in Cambridge. Our volunteer roles are flexible and suitable for remote working. Register interest here


Gather evidence from grey literature
We are searching for evidence from sources such as reports (sometimes referred to as ‘grey literature’). Does your organisation produce reports? Would you like your reports to be included in our evidence? Register interest here.   
Evidence champions 
Evidence Champions are organisations that have agreed to use Conservation Evidence to check the evidence before making a decision and embed Conservation Evidence in their decision-making processes.
Funders can ask for applicants to describe their project in relation to the evidence on in their grant applications to assess how evidence-based the applicant's approach is.
Organisations can commit to test and publish results on the effectiveness of conservation actions. 
Journals can ask authors publishing papers testing conservation interventions to check and discuss the existing literature collated by Conservation Evidence in their paper.
We offer many benefits for Evidence Champions, including free training. Register interest here.