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Providing evidence to improve practice

Action: Increase ‘on-the-ground’ protection (e.g. rangers) Peatland Conservation

Key messages

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  • One study evaluated the effects on peatland habitats of increasing ‘on-the-ground’ protection. The study was in tropical peat swamps.
  • Behaviour change (1 study): One before-and-after study in a peat swamp forest in Indonesia reported that the number of illegal sawmills decreased over two years of anti-logging patrols.

Supporting evidence from individual studies


A before-and-after study in 2006–2008 in peat swamp forest in Indonesia (CKPP 2008) reported that anti-logging patrols reduced the number of sawmills (associated with illegal logging) in the study area. Before patrols began, 147 sawmills were identified in Katingan Regency, including 102 in active use. After two years of weekly patrols, there were only two sawmills in the area. Patrols involved representatives of the National Park authorities, local communities and non-governmental organizations.

Referenced papers

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