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Action: Pay landowners to protect peatlands Peatland Conservation

Key messages

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  • One study evaluated the effects on peatland habitats of paying landowners to protect them. The study was of bogs.
  • Peatland habitat (1 study): One review from reported that agri-environment schemes in the UK had mixed effects on bogs, protecting the area of bog habitat in three of six cases.

Supporting evidence from individual studies


A 2008 review of agri-environment schemes in Scotland, UK (Boatman et al. 2008) reported mixed effects on the area of bog habitat. No statistical tests were carried out. In three of six areas, agri-environment schemes protected bog habitats. The area of bog increased more, or decreased less, than would be expected based on national trends on similar land. In the other three areas, agri-environment schemes did not protect bog habitats. Here, the area of bog decreased more, or increased less, than would be expected based on national trends in similar land. The review does not report details of the agri-environment schemes.

Referenced papers

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