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Digging scrapes to enhance silver-studded blue Plebejus argus habitat at Broadcroft quarry, Isle of Portland, Dorset, England

Conservation Evidence

Based on: de Whalley L., de Whalley B., Green P., Gammon N. & Shreeves W. (2006)

Diminishing Returns from Higher Density Restoration Seedings Suggest Trade-offs in Pollinator Seed Mixes

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Wilkerson M.L., Ward K.L., Williams N.M., Ullmann K.S. & Young T.P. (2014)

Direct and indirect effects of the most widely implemented Dutch agri-environment schemes on breeding waders

Journal of Applied Ecology

Based on: Verhulst J., Kleijn D. & Berendse F. (2007)

Direct seeding of native trees and shrubs in low rainfall areas and on non-wetting sands in South Australia

Agroforestry Systems

Based on: Knight A.J.P., Beale P.E. & Dalton G. S. (1998)

Direct setting of Crassostrea virginica larvae in a tidal tributary: applications for shellfish restoration and aquaculture

Based on: Steppe C., Fredriksson D., Wallendorf L., Nikolov M. & Mayer R. (2016)

Directed Relocation of a Golden Eagle Nest Site

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Postovit H.R., Lockhart J.W. & Tate J. (1982)

Discing and seeding effects on sod bound mixed prairie

Journal of Range Management

Based on: Hart M., Waller S.S., Lowry S.R. & Gates R.N. (1985)

Disease management and variable planting patterns in peanut

Peanut Science

Based on: Nuti R.C., Faircloth W.H., Lamb M.C., Sorensen R.B., Davidson J.I. & Brenneman T.B. (2008)

Disentangling the effects of fishing and environmental forcing on demographic variation in an exploited species

Based on: Teck S.J., Lorda J., Shears N.T., Bell T.W., Cornejo-Donoso J., Caselle J.E., Hamilton S.L. & Gaines S.D. (2017)

Dispersal of carabid species along a linear sequence of young hedge plantations

Carabid beetles: ecology and evolution

Based on: Gruttke H. (1994)

Distance-dependent effectiveness of diversionary bear bait sites

Human Wildlife Interactions

Based on: Stringham S.F. & Bryant A. (2015)

Distribution and damage to the by-catch assemblages of the northern Irish Sea scallop dredge fisheries

Based on: Veale L.O., Hill A.S., Hawkins S.J. & Brand A.R. (2001)

Distribution and diet of reintroduced otters (Lutra lutra) on the river Ticino (NW Italy)

Hystrix, the Italian Journal of Mammalogy

Based on: Prigioni C., Smiroldo G., Remonti L. & Balestrieri A. (2009)

Distribution and relative abundance of forest birds in relation to burn severity in southeastern Arizona

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Kirkpatrick C., Conway C.J. & Jones P.B. (2006)

Distribution of a conservation-based activity book at two primary schools near Analamazaotra Special Reserve, Madagascar

Lemur News

Based on: McGuire S.M., Sitzmann B.D., Herrington K., Ramarokoto R.E.A.F. & Luis J.R.E.E. (2009)

Distribution of small mammals in a pastoral landscape of the Tibetan plateaus (Western Sichuan, China) and relationship with grazing practices


Based on: Raoul F., Quéré J., Rieffel D., Bernard N., Takahashi K., Scheifler R., Ito A., Wang Q., Qiu J., Yang W., Craig P.S. & Giraudoux P. (2006)

Disturbance effects on early succession of field margins along the shaded and unshaded side of a tree lane

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Based on: Cauwer B.D., Reheul D., D'Hooghe K., Nijs I. & Milbau A. (2006)

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