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Individual study: Consequences of prescribed fire and grazing on grassland ant communities

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Underwood E.C. & Christian C.E. (2009) Consequences of prescribed fire and grazing on grassland ant communities. Environmental Entomology, 38, 325-332

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Other biodiversity: Exclude grazers Mediterranean Farmland

A replicated, randomized, controlled study in 2002–2004 in grasslands in northern California, USA, found similar numbers of ants in plots with or without cattle excluded. Invertebrates: Similar numbers of ants were found in ungrazed plots, compared to grazed plots (data not reported). Methods: A total of eighteen 30 x 30 m plots were established in winter 2002–2003 in two sites normally grazed (one cow-calf pair/8 ha, between November and May). Twelve plots were fenced to prevent cattle grazing, of which six were also burned. Ants were surveyed with pitfall traps 14 days after burning and one year after burning.