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Evaluating nest supplementation as a recovery strategy for the endangered rodents of the Florida Keys

Restoration Ecology

Based on: Cove M.V., Simons T.R., Gardner B., Maurer A.S. & O'Connell A.F. (2017)

Can postmining revegetation create habitat for a threatened mammal?

Ecological Management & Restoration

Based on: Craig M.D., White D.A., Stokes V.L. & Prince J. (2017)

Improving capture rate for an invasive species in Mauritius: determining Asian musk shrew Suncus murinus bait preference

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Field A.J., Copsey J.A., Tragett C.E.E. & Goder M. (2017)

Efficacy of travel management areas for reducing disturbance to mule deer during hunting seasons

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Curtis A.M. & Du Toit J.T. (2017)

Diet patterns of island foxes on San Nicolas Island relative to feral cat removal

Pacific Conservation Biology

Based on: Cypher B.L., Kelly E.C., Ferrara F.J., Drost C.A., Westall T.L. & Hudgens B.R. (2017)

Beehive fences as a multidimensional conflict-mitigation tool for farmers coexisting with elephants

Conservation Biology

Based on: King L.E., Lala F., Nzumu H., Mwambingu E. & Douglas-Hamilton I. (2017)

Does ungulate disturbance mediate behavioural and physiological stress responses in Algerian mice (Mus spretus)? A wild exclosure experiment

Hystrix, the Italian Journal of Mammalogy (English, 1994-)

Based on: Navarro-Castilla A., Diaz M. & Barja I. (2017)

The rapid response of foraging bumblebees Bombus spp. to hay meadow restoration in the Yorkshire Dales and Forest of Bowland, UK

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Edmonson C., St. Pierre T., Robinson S. & Powell I. (2017)

Boma fortification is cost-effective at reducing predation of livestock in a high-predation zone in the Western Mara region, Kenya

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Sutton A.E., Downey M.G., Kamande E., Munyao F., Rinaldi M., Taylor A.K. & Pimm S. (2017)

Effects of temporary closure of a national park on leopard movement and behaviour in tropical Asia

Mammalian Biology

Based on: Ngoprasert D., Lynam A.J. & Gale G.A. (2017)

First experimental release of the red-and-green macaw Ara chloropterus in Corrientes, Argentina

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Volpe N.L., Di Giacomo A.S. & Berkunsky I. (2017)

Education workshops improve the ability of Forest Departments to identify amphibians in Western Ghats, India

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Kanagavel A., Parvathy S. & Divakar N. (2017)

Manipulations of black bear and coyote affect caribou calf survival

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Lewis K.P., Gullage S.E., Fifield D.A., Jennings D.H. & Mahoney S.P. (2017)

Analyzing the past to understand the future: natural mating yields better reproductive rates than artificial insemination in the giant panda

Biological Conservation

Based on: Li D., Wintle N.J., Zhang G., Wang C., Luo B., Martin-Wintle M.S., Owen M. & Swaisgood R.R. (2017)

The anatomy of a failed offset

Biological Conservation

Based on: Lindenmayer D.B., Crane M., Evans M.C., Maron M., Gibbons P., Bekessy S. & Blanchard W. (2017)

The vacant planting: limited influence of habitat restoration on patch colonization patterns by arboreal marsupials in south-eastern Australia

Animal Conservation

Based on: Lindenmayer D.B., Mortelliti A., Ikin K., Pierson J., Crane M., Michael D. & Okada S. (2017)

Experimental evaluation of the effects of management of invasive corals on native communities

Based on: De Paula A.F., Fleury B., Lages B. & Creed J. (2017)

Livestock management and dam removal allowed the recovery of an aquatic habitat for endangered frog and fish species in Argentinian Patagonia

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Arellano M.L., Velasco M.A., Quiroga S., Kass C.A., Kass N.A. & Kacoliris F.P. (2017)

Effects of culverts and roadside fencing on the rate of roadkill of small terrestrial vertebrates in northern Limpopo, South Africa

Conservation Evidence

Based on: Collinson W. J., Davies-Mostert H. T. & Davies-Mostert W. (2017)

Oyster reef restoration: substrate suitability may depend on specific restoration goals

Based on: Graham P.M., Palmer T.A. & Beseres P.J. (2017)

Road mitigation is a demographic filter for grizzly bears

Wildlife Society Bulletin

Based on: Ford A.T., Barrueto M. & Clevenger A.P. (2017)

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