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Evaluating the relative importance of site and landscape characteristics for invertebrate communities in grasslands restored through agri-environment schemes (RP01878)

Based on: Woodcock B., Ball S., Amy S., Edwards M., Redhead J., Mountford O., Gregory S., Duffield S., Macgregor N. & Pywell R. (2016)

Monitoring of EK21, OK21, HK21 and OHK21 options: legume and herb-rich swards (RP02244)

Based on: Woodcock B., Redhead J., Riding L. & Mitschunas N. (2015)

Maritime strategy web survey: English Nature Research Report 587

Based on: White Maple Consulting Ltd (2004)

The conservation management of arable field margins (ENS18)

Based on: Smith H.M., Feber R.E., Johnson P.J., McCallum K., Plesner J.S., Younes M. & Macdonald D.W. (1993)

Conserving the red squirrel in Thetford Forest (ENRR262)

Based on: Gurnell J., Sainsbury T. & Venning T. (1998)

Quantifying the effects of Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) on biodiversity at the farm scale: the Hillesden Experiment (RP00026)

Based on: Heard M.S., Botham M., Broughton R., Carvell C., Hinsley S., Woodcock B., Pywell R.F., Amy S., Bellamy P.E., Hill R.A., Hulmes S., Hulmes L., Meek W.R., Nowakowski M., Peyton J., Redhead J.W., Shore R.F. & Turk A. (2011)

Habitat Restoration Project Sherwood Forest (ENRR367)

Based on: Hewson G. & Scott C. (2000)

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