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Predator exclusion as a management option for increasing white-tailed deer recruitment

The Journal of Wildlife Management

Based on: Conner L.M., Cherry M.J., Rutledge B.T., Killmaster C.H., Morris G. & Smith L.L. (2016)

Progressively evaluating a penaeid W trawl to improve eco-efficiency

Based on: Balash C., Sterling D. & Broadhurst M.K. (2016)

The cost and feasibility of marine coastal restoration

Based on: Bayraktarov E., Saunders M.I., Abdullah S., Mills M., Beher J., Possingham H.P., Mumby P.J. & Lovelock C.E. (2016)

Logging residues conserve small mammalian diversity in a Malaysian production forest

Biological Conservation

Based on: Yamada T., Yoshida S., Hosaka T. & Okuda T. (2016)

Understanding unexpected reintroduction outcomes: Why aren't European bison colonizing suitable habitat in the Carpathians?

Biological Conservation

Based on: Ziółkowska E., Perzanowski K., Bleyhl B., Ostapowicz K. & Kuemmerle T. (2016)

The effectiveness of old and new strategies for the long‐term control of Pteridium aquilinum, an 8‐year test

Weed Research

Based on: Milligan G., Cox E., Alday J., Santana V., McAllister H., Pakeman R., Le D.M. & Marrs R. (2016)

Effects of Various Vineyard Floor Management Techniques on Weed Community Shifts and Grapevine Water Relations

American Journal of Enology and Viticulture

Based on: Steenwerth K.L., Calderón-Orellana A., Hanifin R.C., Storm C. & McElrone A.J. (2016)

Soft-release versus hard-release for reintroduction of an endangered species: An experimental comparison using eastern barred bandicoots (Perameles gunnii)

Wildlife Research

Based on: De Milliano J., Di Stefano J., Courtney P., Temple-Smith P. & Coulson G. (2016)

Wolf recovery and population dynamics in Western Poland, 2001-2012

Mammal Research

Based on: Nowak S. & Mysłajek R.W. (2016)

First live offspring of Amazonian brown brocket deer (Mazama nemorivaga) born by artificial insemination

European Journal of Wildlife Research

Based on: Oliveira M.E.F., Zanetti E.S., Cursino M.S., Peroni E.F.C., Rola L.D., Feliciano M.A.R., Canola J.C. & Duarte J.M.B. (2016)

Effects of an ongoing oak savanna restoration on small mammals in Lower Michigan

Forest Ecology and Management

Based on: Larsen A.L., Jacquot J.J., Keenlance P.W. & Keough H.L. (2016)

Dynamics of a low-density tiger population in Southeast Asia in the context of improved law enforcement

Conservation Biology

Based on: Duangchantrasiri S., Umponjan M., Simcharoen S., Pattanavibool A., Chaiwattana S., Maneerat S., Kumar N.S., Jathanna D., Srivathsa A. & Karanth K.U. (2016)

Rabbit biocontrol and landscape-scale recovery of threatened desert mammals

Conservation Biology

Based on: Pedler R.D., Brandle R., Read J.L., Southgate R., Bird P. & Moseby K.E. (2016)

A 25-year marine reserve as proxy for the unfished condition of an exploited species

Based on: Díaz D., Mallol S., Parma A.M. & Goñi R. (2016)

Assessment of post-burn removal methods for Acacia saligna in Cape Flats Sand Fynbos, with consideration of indigenous plant recovery

South African Journal of Botany

Based on: Krupek A, Gaertner M., Holmes P.M. & Elser K.J. (2016)

Benefits of the Symbiotic Association of Shrubby Legumes for the Rehabilitation of Degraded Soils under Mediterranean Climatic Conditions

Land Degradation and Development

Based on: Pérez-Fernández M.A., Clavo-Magro E. & Valentine A. (2016)

Recovery of target bryophytes in floating rich fens after 25 yr of inundation by base-rich surface water with lower nutrient contents

Applied Vegetation Science

Based on: Kooijman A.M., Cusell C., Mettrop I.S. & Lamers L.P.M. (2016)

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